The 15 Best Neighborhoods in Charlotte for Renters in 2022

The city is a major banking center and home to the Levine Museum of the New South. You can see Broadway productions, listen to the symphony, visit the NASCAR Hall of Fame and escape to the countryside, all in one weekend.

Like most cities, Charlotte has many different neighborhoods to choose from when you're deciding where to live. Whether you prefer to live in the hippest neighborhoods with the best nightlife and newest restaurants or a quiet neighborhood with parks and sidewalks or something in between, you're sure to find it Charlotte.

Here are the 15 best neighborhoods in Charlotte for renters to live in 2022.

1. Uptown (Center City)

  • Median 1-BR rent: $1,622
  • Median 2-BR rent: $2,049
  • Walk Score: 50/100

Uptown is the hub of the action in Charlotte. It's where the majority of the major companies are and subsequently, where most people work. If you like restaurants, pubs and nightclubs, this is where you'll find an endless variety of all of them. Uptown is also home to most of the city's major sporting events.

This neighborhood has four wards. Second and Fourth Ward are mainly residential, but are walkable to the First and Third Ward, which are the commercial districts. Frazier Dog Park on the edge of the neighborhood is great for your four-legged friends, while sports fans will have plenty to do watching the Carolina Panthers play at Bank of America stadium.

2. Dilworth

  • Median 1-BR rent: $1,687
  • Median 2-BR rent: $2,357
  • Walk Score: 71/100

This is Charlotte's historic showpiece. Dilworth features many renovated Victorian houses and is a registered historic district. The neighborhood is walkable and is also connected to Downtown by a streetcar line. Most of the residents are professionals and families with young children. There's a splash pad for kids at Latta Park.

You can find plenty of cafés and shops, as well as houses here, and the Carolinas Medical Center is nearby. It's a short commute to Uptown and Downtown, which is why this neighborhood was Charlotte's first suburb.

Elizabeth neighborhood, Charlotte, NC

3. Elizabeth

  • Median 1-BR rent: $1,225
  • Median 2-BR rent: $1,350
  • Walk Score: 60/100

Elizabeth was Charlotte's second streetcar suburb, and it still boasts a streetcar connection to Downtown. Many of the neighborhood's historic homes are now popular restaurants. But don't worry, the neighborhood still has plenty of residential housing left and it's highly walkable, making it one of the best neighborhoods in Charlotte.

One of Charlotte's oldest theaters, the Visulite Theater, is found in Elizabeth. Another unique feature of this neighborhood is that it borders the Little Sugar Creek Greenway, putting outdoor activities within easy reach.

4. East Forest

  • Median 1-BR rent: $930
  • Median 2-BR rent: $1,165
  • Walk Score: 39/100

Located on the south side of the city just outside the city center, East Forest is a quiet, solidly middle-class neighborhood that's mostly inhabited by young professionals and families. It ranks No. 20 on the list of the most diverse neighborhoods in Charlotte and has a very urban feel.

Though mostly residential, this neighborhood does have a good selection of restaurants and a few choices for nightlife. There are many parks and good schools. One of the biggest draws of this neighborhood is its convenience — it's just a short drive to anywhere in the city.

NoDa neighborhood Charlotte, NC

5. North Davidson (NoDa)

  • Median 1-BR rent: $1,795
  • Median 2-BR rent: $2,108
  • Walk Score: 69/100

Charlotte residents call this neighborhood “NoDa." It's second only to South End as a draw for young and hip Charlotteans. It's also second in the number of craft breweries and live music shows you'll find. There's a diverse range of restaurants, too, many of which are locally owned.

NoDa is famous as the home of the Neighborhood Theatre, which hosts acts big and small. Art galleries, small artisan shops and tattoo parlors dot the entire neighborhood. Bonus: this historic neighborhood is on the National Register of Historic Places.

6. Hickory Ridge

  • Median 1-BR rent: $1,119
  • Median 2-BR rent: $1,264
  • Walk Score: 25/100

Hickory Ridge is a newer suburb on the eastern side of the city. While still within the city limits and part of Charlotte, it has a suburban feel that attracts many who want to be close to city amenities while being in a quiet part of town. Many families find this neighborhood attractive because of the good schools and the number of parks.

There aren't many options for arts and entertainment in this area. Disco Rodeo is the only nightclub within the neighborhood. One unique feature is the presence of the Charlotte Murder Mystery Company, a performing arts venue. If quiet is what you're looking for, this is the neighborhood for you.

7. Montclaire South

  • Median 1-BR rent: $1,012
  • Median 2-BR rent: $1,162
  • Walk Score: 33/100

This neighborhood is on the southwestern side of the city not too far from Downtown. It has a suburban look and feel despite its proximity to the city center. The biggest attraction of this neighborhood is its convenient location and its affordability, which is why it's one of the best neighborhoods in Charlotte.

Montclaire South does have a couple of parks and nightclubs. It's home to one of Charlotte's many community colleges and the local Costco.

8. Ballantyne East

Ballantyne East, NC

Source: Ballantyne
  • Median 1-BR rent: $1,349
  • Median 2-BR rent: $1,819
  • Walk Score: 46/100

Ballantyne East is on the far southern end of the city. It's a mostly residential neighborhood that's distinctly suburban. There are some restaurants but there are few other commercial shops in the area. This neighborhood is No. 3 on the list of best places to live in all of North Carolina.

A unique feature of Ballantyne East is the presence of the Big Rock Nature Preserve, a popular local attraction. The neighborhood is also home to a public golf course and pro shop.

9. Eastside

  • Median 1-BR rent: $1,059
  • Median 2-BR rent: $1,316
  • Walk Score: 27/100

This is a large neighborhood on the east side of Charlotte within easy reach of the hippest areas, such as Plaza Midwood and NoDa. It's also not too far from the University District and Downtown. Many locals live here and commute to their jobs in other districts.

Eastside is a diverse neighborhood. It starts off with an urban feel but becomes more suburban as you move further east from the center of the city. It's home to the Hindu Center of Charlotte and numerous parks, including Sherman Branch Mountain Biking Park.

10. Myers Park

  • Median 1-BR rent: $2,042
  • Median 2-BR rent: $2,415
  • Walk Score: 66/100

Myers Park is an elite, formal neighborhood by design. One of the best neighborhoods in Charlotte, it's highly sought after by both new residents and old Charlotteans alike. Here you'll find large Tudor and Colonial-style houses with elegant gardens and tree-lined drives.

The Mint Museum Randolph features modern and contemporary art. There are several chic cafés and boutiques within walking distance. Myers Park is also home to the Wing Haven Gardens and the Discovery Nature Place Museum. The Booty Loop bike trail runs through Myers Park, too.

11. Plaza Midwood

  • Median 1-BR rent: $2,801
  • Median 2-BR rent: $4,031
  • Walk Score: 71/100

Plaza Midwood was one of Charlotte's first suburbs, back in the days when commuting meant riding a streetcar from Downtown or the banking district. Today, it combines old with new, trendy with historic and is one of the up-and-coming neighborhoods on the east side of the city.

A vibrant restaurant scene includes everything from barbecue to gastropubs. This is one of the best neighborhoods in the city if you want a range of dining options. Trendy boutiques and consignment shops are offset by dive bars and tattoo shops. Parts of the neighborhood are historic districts, while others were redeveloped. In short, it's one of the most diverse areas of the city.


12. University City

  • Median 1-BR rent: $1,379
  • Median 2-BR rent: $1,825
  • Walk Score: 21/100

The University of North Carolina at Charlotte occupies the heart of University City and gives it its name. This is a classic university neighborhood, with plenty of cheap restaurants and pubs. It gets loud and crowded sometimes, particularly on game days.

There's more to this neighborhood than the school, however. Duke Energy and TIAA-CREF both have their national headquarters here. Charlotte's light rail system terminates at the local station, making commuting to other sections of the city a breeze.

13. Madison Park

  • Median 1-BR rent: $1,634
  • Median 2-BR rent: $2,050
  • Walk Score: 50/100

This inner ring suburb was established right after the Second World War and consists mainly of residential housing but is within walking distance of both the SouthPark Mall and the Park Road Shopping Center.

Charlotte's light rail line runs right to Madison Park and a bike path runs through it, making your commute to work easy. Both the Little Hope Creek and Little Sugar Creek Greenways run through and are adjacent to the neighborhood. Charlotte's senior center is in Marion Diel Park.

14. South End

  • Median 1-BR rent: $1,709
  • Median 2-BR rent: $2,489
  • Walk Score: 74/100

South End is a quick train ride away from Uptown, which means it's a favorite among the professionals who work in the latter and one of the best neighborhoods in Charlotte. This is currently the “hippest" area in Charlotte. Here's where you'll find music festivals, art shows and antique stores galore.

This neighborhood is also home to farmer's markets, dozens of restaurants and most of the city's craft breweries. The Atherton Mill and Market is becoming famous across the state. That not your style? You also won't find better nightlife anywhere in Charlotte, even in Uptown.

Southpark, Charlottle, NC

15. Southpark

  • Median 1-BR rent: $2,035
  • Median 2-BR rent: $2,467
  • Walk Score: 63/100

Located on the south end of Charlotte, Southpark is a mini version of Uptown, complete with its own array of financial firms and upscale shopping centers. It's preferred by many young professionals, who love both the proximity to work and the wide array of shopping and dining options.

SouthPark is both popular and trendy, while still being more three-piece suit than hip. Symphony Park has an outdoor amphitheater featuring live music and entertainment. Upscale nightclubs also abound in this neighborhood.

Find the best Charlotte neighborhood for you

Are you ready to pack your bags for the big move to Charlotte but not sure what neighborhood is best for you? Check out this neighborhood quiz to help you decide. You're sure to find the perfect place for you, given the wide variety of neighborhoods available in the city.

If you're ready to make the move and need to find your next home, you can check out apartments for rent in Charlotte here. Enjoy the Queen City!

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