The 15 Best Neighborhoods in Salt Lake City for Renters in 2022

Thanks in part to hosting the 2002 Winter Olympics, the Games helped put this sleeper metropolitan city on the map and pushed the economy to create more things for younger, Mormon and non-Mormon populations alike to enjoy.

Now Salt Lake City is home to booming brewhouses, a trending food scene, a culture that thrives on supporting local businesses and outdoor/indoor sports galore. From hiking to skiing, you can enjoy the mountains surrounding Salt Lake Valley year-round.

As Utah's state capitol, it's home to about a third of Utah's population, with the larger area's population coming in at 1.3 million. The state as a whole has a pretty young population with the median age being 27 and Salt Lake City's living is pretty affordable. The average rent for a one-room apartment is $1,317. The greater Salt Lake City area has 22 different neighborhoods, each one a little different in vibe and conveniences.

Salt Lake City is home to the following professional sports teams: The Real Salt Lake MLS team, the Utah Jazz NBA team and the Utah Warriors MLR. Along with some minor league teams like the Salt Lake City Stars NBA G League and the Minor League Baseball team the Salt Lake Bees.

Here are the best neighborhoods in Salt Lake City.

1. Arcadia Heights

  • Walk Score: 67/100

If you're all about the outdoors, then this quiet and small Arcadia Heights neighborhood is just the cozy place you'll find yourself gravitating toward. Right at the base of the Wasatch Mountains, it's near outdoor gear shops and hiking trails.

Arcadia Heights attracts middle-aged residents, but that just makes it all the more peaceful. This little neighborhood has parks, dog parks and country clubs, so you can enjoy nature no matter your preference. Head to the mountains from your own back door, or take a 10-minute trip over to the Millcreek Canyon for fly fishing, snow-related sports or a great biking challenge.

2. Bonneville Hills

  • Walk Score: 72/100

Not to confuse it with the Bonneville Salt Flats, Bonneville Hills is a nice suburban area just west of East Bench, where young professionals, families and professionals tend to gravitate. The streets have older homes and trees and the area is well-manicured.

It's conveniently located, letting you reach wherever you need to go in just a few minutes, while still giving you that quieter lifestyle.

3. Central City

Central City, Salt Lake City, UT

Source: at Library Square
  • Median 1-BR rent: $1,412
  • Median 2-BR rent: $1,918
  • Walk Score: 89/100

The Central City area is a super biker-friendly neighborhood and touted as the City's first hipster cove. Central City gives Capitol Hill a run for its money on coffee shops, too, but also offers the brunching destinations of your dreams, why it's one of the best neighborhoods in Salt Lake City.

Walk around and enjoy the Tracy Aviary, the sculptures in Gilgal Gardens or the perfect view for sunsets in the Faultline Gardens. Thanks to all the parks, bars and restaurants, young professionals have understandably been flocking to the area for years.

4. East Bench

  • Median 1-BR rent: $1,374
  • Median 2-BR rent: $1,499
  • Walk Score: 67/100

East Bench traditionally has an older population of retired folks — but they can make the best neighbors. It's just 10 minutes from Downtown and provides a great suburban feel.

If you're looking for something a little on the quiet, slightly upscale side with a golf course or two, East Bench is the place for you.

5. Glendale

  • Median 1-BR rent: $1,006
  • Median 2-BR rent: $1,179
  • Walk Score: 60/100

The Glendale neighborhood is conveniently close to the downtown hustle and bustle, just west of I-15. This neighborhood loves the outdoors, as it has several parks. The biggest park, Jordan Park, hosts the weekly People's Market where residents can get freshly grown and homemade goods.

Glendale's home to the planetarium, Utah's largest brewery and loads of dining options, too.

6. Granary and Ballpark District

Ballpark District, UT

Source: Charli
  • Median 1-BR rent: $925
  • Median 2-BR rent: $1,025
  • Walk Score: 67/100

What was S.L.C.'s industrial district, like so many other metropolitan areas, has become the revitalized hangout destination for young professionals. With outdoor murals all over the buildings in the Granary and Ballpark District, and so many eating and drinking options, it's clear to see why so many flock to this area, even if they're only there to catch a Salt Lake Bees game.

And what's a minor-league baseball game without beer, right? The district is full of gastropubs and good brews, too, perfect for one of the best neighborhoods in Salt Lake City.

7. Highland Park

  • Median 1-BR rent: $925
  • Median 2-BR rent: $1,095
  • Walk Score: 64/100

Highland Park has a homey and local feel that's packed full of history. There's a pretty large historic preservation effort going on in the neighborhood, which was developed starting in 1910.

Like several other niche areas in S.L.C., Highland Park is all about supporting local businesses, and its efforts have curated quite a few cool shops. Stroll the streets to find a specialty plant retailer, a garden and bird supplier, a bookstore and an old-school pharmacy/gift shop. The food is great, ranging from Italian or Greek to Dutch or sushi.

Highland Park is also known for its Visual Arts Institute, along with its golf course. There's something for everyone at Highland Park!

8. Liberty Wells

  • Median 1-BR rent: $1,125
  • Median 2-BR rent: $1,395
  • Walk Score: 67/100

The Liberty Wells area has a history of ebbing and flowing, due to its play in Salt Lake City's history. From supporting the city through agriculture to streamlining streetcars, Liberty Wells has had its highs and lows.

Currently, it's experiencing a massive high and is a huge upcoming residential area. As a part of that, the newer apartment buildings are ample, as are ways to enjoy the neighborhood. From wonderful food choices to Liberty Park or the Chase Home Museum of Utah Folk Arts, there's pretty much always something to enjoy in the area.

9. 9th and 9th

  • Walk Score: 67/100

The 9th and 9th district likes to say it's a one-stop-shop for all things dining, shopping and living-related and promotes a “buy local" lifestyle. The neighborhood has figured out that if you eat and shop locally, the money goes back into the community. Mom-and-pop shops are around every corner, and the big-box stores are a little harder to find. The 9th and 9th District calls itself the “anti-mall" community.

From breweries to Thai and Hawaiian eateries, this mellow little neighborhood packs a punch of diversity so its residents will never get bored.

10. Rose Park

Rose Park, UT

  • Median 1-BR rent: $1,064
  • Median 2-BR rent: $1,449
  • Walk Score: 52/100

Rose Park is on an upward swing in Salt Lake City and is becoming one of the most up-and-coming suburbs in the area. It's one of the most ethnically diverse areas in the city, and you can't beat the easy commute!

Loaded with tons of community parks and filling up fast with families, this is a great area if you're looking to escape the hustle and grind in the throes of a city, but don't want to get too far out.

11. Sugar House

  • Median 1-BR rent: $1,602
  • Median 2-BR rent: $1,902
  • Walk Score: 67/100

Sugar House is one of the best neighborhoods in Salt Lake City neighborhood and it's pretty progressive. In fact, it's known as one of the most “hippy" neighborhoods in S.L.C. The fun name comes from its first settlers planting sugar beets.

Sugar House is actually one of the city's oldest neighborhoods, established in 1853 and it's home to Sugar House Park, a large park with great views on the Wasatch Mountains and ample running trails.

If you're in the mood to shop, this little neighborhood scattered with Victorian-styled bungalows has you covered, stop into any slew of the hippy boutiques selling anything from olives to tarot cards or locally made goodies.

12. Sunnyside East

  • Walk Score: 41/100

While largely residential and suburban, Sunnyside East feels spread out and laid back with a little less than 700 residents. It's a little further out from the heart of the city, so most residents are either retirees or families looking for something a little slower and quieter.

The attractions are pretty diverse though, as Sunnyside East is home to a golf course and the zoo. Those attractions bring in plenty of events throughout the year, too. With plenty of food options — pho, smoothies, curry, delis and sushi — there's no reason to ever leave the area.

13. The Avenues

The Avenues, UT

  • Median 1-BR rent: $1,200
  • Median 2-BR rent: $1,700
  • Walk Score: 68/100

If you're into an old-town feel, something lined with old homes that need love, The Avenues is the S.L.C. neighborhood for you. Stretching up along the hillside, this region overlooks the State Capitol Building and has a storied, history-rich vibe. If you're a coffee fiend, this is the neighborhood of your dreams. With all the political hustle in this neighborhood, the coffee runs faster than the Legislature.

Take a scenic stroll through architectural wonders like the nearby Cathedral of Madeleine, the State Capitol building itself or the Salt Lake Masonic Temple. For a slightly spookier journey, you could always try to find the city's oldest grave in the Salt Lake City Cemetery. Be sure to catch a play at the theatre, too.

14. University District

  • Median 1-BR rent: $925
  • Median 2-BR rent: $1,095
  • Walk Score: 67/100

The University District takes its name from the University of Utah. While it has a fair bit of students and medical professionals coming and going from day to day, this youthful niche has brought in a lot of great hangouts and events to the area's residents.

Located at the foothills of the mountains, you can't beat the scenery! Not only is it home to the Natural History Museum, but it also has all kinds of outdoor activities and parks to enjoy, too, like the famed Living Room hike. What you would expect from one of the best neighborhoods in Salt Lake City.

15. Yalecrest

  • Walk Score: 41/100

Yalecrest is another one of Salt Lake City's most treasured old historical neighborhoods. Often referred to as Harvard-Yale, these homes were designed with consistency in mind.

Keeping the same architectural motifs of period cottages throughout, there's a continuity in the homes that's pleasing to the eye while differing enough to keep you intrigued. It's this reliability that makes it one of S.L.C.'s most historically well-preserved areas, thanks in part to its residents' pride in the area.

Because of Yalecrest's dedication to the original structures, there aren't too many nonresidential buildings in the area, but the residents love the neighborhood's charm so much they don't mind going for a drive to get their groceries.

What's the best neighborhood in Salt Lake City for you?

Whether you're a teetotaler or a brewmaster, a golfer or a hiker, Salt Lake City has you covered. If you think you found your new neighborhood, be sure to check out current apartments to rent in Salt Lake City.

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