7 of the Best Omaha Restaurants for Vegetarians and Vegans

Thanks to a restaurant boom in recent years, Omaha’s food scene has become more diverse and exciting for everyone. Here are some of the best restaurants in Omaha for the tastiest meat-free dishes.

1. Modern Love

Modern Love needs to be on everyone’s list, vegan or not. Everything on the menu is vegan, and so wonderfully and creatively prepared, it’s hard to narrow down suggestions. The restaurant just recently relocated to Midtown Crossing.

2. Kitchen Table

For the veg eater seeking legit farm-to-table food, visit either location of Kitchen Table (the original is in downtown Omaha and the central location in Dundee). Menus vary slightly at each location, but there are tempting options to choose from, including the grilled sweet potato jam at the downtown location and a big brioche grilled cheese at the central location.

3. Over Easy

For delicious breakfast that goes beyond the scrambled eggs and toast, head out to West Omaha for a morning at Over Easy. Many of the menu’s favorite items have vegetarian versions, including Over Easy Classic and the Egg Boat. Complete your meal by adding a homemade pop tart.

4. Block 16

Block 16 is one of Omaha’s most popular sandwich shops, and you can order a vegetarian or vegan version of a lot of their most popular sammies, including the Reuben, the Croque Garcon, gyros and a vegan Dragon Wrap served with tasty Dragon sauce.

5. Wilson and Washburn

Consider Wilson and Washburn to be upscale pub food and for vegetarians, there’s nothing better to order than the Beet Burger, smothered with smoked peanut butter and pickled jalapenos. It’s seriously good stuff.

6. Flagship Commons

Nebraska’s first dining hall is in Omaha, and it has some heavy hitters offering great non-meat options. Flagship Commons is located in Westroads Mall and features locations of a few great veggie-friendly restaurants, including Amsterdam and Blatt Beer & Table.

There’s also the excellent Yoshi-Ya Ramen that serves up a vegan ramen and Clever Greens, where you can buy giant salads.

7. Fauxmaha Hot Dogs

Craving hot dogs or brats? Check out Omaha’s own Fauxmaha Hot Dogs, a food truck that’s a go-to for all things vegan hot dogs.

Another tasty option for vegan hot dogs is found at Blatt Beer & Table. Blatt has two locations, the original next to TD Ameritrade Park in NoDo and one at the Flagship Commons, a food hall in Westroads Mall.

Photo by Heder Neves on Unsplash
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