You’re young, perhaps single, and making bank at a great job, which means you probably want an apartment that suits your energetic, professional lifestyle. When it comes to finding the perfect apartment, location is everything – especially for young professionals.

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If your job is in Orlando, Florida, your first apartment should be in one of the city’s amazing neighborhoods. Check out this list of the very best Orlando has to offer young professionals:

Baldwin Park

Baldwin Park is the first Orlando neighborhood you should look into when searching for your next apartment. Just three miles away from the city’s downtown district, Baldwin Park will offer you a quick commute to work and access to plenty of hot spots.

The neighborhood was built on what used to be the site of the Naval Training Center. Now Baldwin Park features numerous exciting amenities. From the gorgeous parks to the plentiful shopping, this neighborhood will keep you entertained.

Hang out with coworkers at one of the many bars, meet new friends at a trendy coffee shop and go for a jog through the park. As a young professional, you won’t have any trouble finding things to fill your time in Baldwin Park. As a bonus, you won’t spend too much time commuting—score!

East Central Park

At just 2 miles away from downtown Orlando, East Central Park is in the middle of all the action. This neighborhood has a chill vibe and is home to a highly regarded pizza joint called Petey’s NY Pizza.

You’ll really love this neighborhood if you don’t own a car. You can walk to the grocery store, a coffee shop or restaurant in just a few minutes. Not to mention, getting to a downtown office is a breeze when driving.

You’ll also find fitness centers, parks and libraries in East Central Park. Whether you want to spend time outside during the day, or meet up with friends at night, this neighborhood could be the perfect spot to find your apartment.

Central Business District

How would you like to live close to the office, right in the heart of Orlando? Of course you’d like it! You’re a young professional, after all. The Central Business District is not only home to the city’s largest concentration of shops, restaurants and high rises, but it also features a great collection of apartments.

In this neighborhood, you can get a nice place overlooking an amazing view of the city. At night, just head downstairs, down the street and into a world full of exciting things to do. Meet others your age by checking out a club or going out for some fine dining. You’re counted among young professionals now, so you have some fun money to spend (ideally, anyway)!

In addition to shops and restaurants, the Central Business District features a variety of cultural experiences. The local farmer’s market is famed for it’s great food, and the neighborhood hosts the annual Orlando Film Festival.

If neither food nor film draws your attention, visit one of the Central Business District’s many museums. You’ll never be bored when your apartment is smack dab in the middle of downtown Orlando.

Thornton Park

Another hot spot for young professionals, Thornton Park walks the line between up-and-coming urban kingdom and luxurious dining hub. Local businesses not only provide the community with entertainment, they also host events. You can meet others your age at one of the area’s many wine tastings or community walks.

Located in Northwest Orlando, Thornton Park is close to the downtown area. You can take a trip to the city by car or using the public transportation system. In fact, the buses are a convenient way to get to work, if your office is downtown.

Park Lake/Highland

With its suburban feel and dominating rental market, the Park Lake/Highland neighborhood is highly diverse but still quiet and cozy. There are very few children living in the area, which is mostly populated by college-educated Millennials.

Charming brick roads and historic homes line the streets in this historic neighborhood, which includes two beautiful lakes. Getting around is easy without a car, since this neighborhood has excellent walkability to local shops, restaurants, bars, museums and the occasional parade. Park Lake/Highland is also the home of Orlando’s oldest Oak tree!


Bordering the Lake Highland Park and Park Lake Park, Orlando’s Uptown area has the energy and bustle of the city, with the peace and quiet of the suburbs nearby. A highly walkable neighborhood with A+ rated nightlife, Uptown is a great place for young professionals, both for the short term or as a place to settle down.

South Eola

Located in Downtown Orlando, residents of South Eola have called this neighborhood the “best neighborhood” in the area. Walkable, good for bicycles and a stone’s throw from Orlando’s best nightlife, South Eola has everything a young professional could want. Not feeling like walking? Catch the free bus to Orange, where you’ll have access to a ton of restaurants, bars, shopping and the grocery store.

Orwin Manor

Central to Downtown, College Park, Winter Park, Maitland and Thornton Park, Orwin Manor is ideal for the young professional who loves to explore the best places Orlando has to offer without going too far from home. Orwin Manor is in comfortable walking distance to great restaurants, nightlife and public transportation. If you prefer to drive around, you’re in luck- I-4 is close by.

Photo by Nathan Waters on Unsplash

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