Best Outdoor Activities in the Inland Empire

Riverside-San Bernardino is a metropolitan area in Southern California, east of Los Angeles, with it’s own set of unique and fun things to do. Known as the Inland Empire, RiversideSan Bernardino sure does live up to it’s name.

If you like to spend time outside (Southern California is the perfect place to get your vitamin D), you’ll love Riverside-San Bernardino. Here are some outdoor activities in the area to give a try:

San Bernardino National Forest

Just west of the city, you’ll find the San Bernardino National Forest. This wilderness site covers about 680,000 acres of the San Bernardino Mountains, making it a hotspot for nature enthusiasts. With elevations ranging from 1,000 feet to more than 11,000 feet, hikers are sure to enjoy a walk through the mountains.

Not only can you participate in outdoor physical activity in San Bernardino National Forest, you can also learn a bit more about the area’s history. In 1855, people discovered gold in the mountains, which later became one of the sites of the Gold Rush. The area became a national forest in 1907.

Deep Creek Hot Springs

Located just northeast of the Inland Empire in the San Bernardino Mountains, Deep Creek Hot Springs is a natural source of warm water. Visitors can hike to the site and soak in the spring. You’ll also find campsites nearby so you can spend the night and return for another relaxing dip.

San Manuel Stadium

Catch a baseball game at the San Manuel Stadium, where the Inland Empire 66ers play. This field is near the heart of the city and is a popular spot to watch live sports. The Inland Empire 66ers not only give fans a good time, they also give back to the community. In fact, the team sponsors a league for underprivileged children. Grab a hotdog, find your seat and watch America’s favorite sport all under the warm California sun.

Glen Helen Regional Park

Located on the northern side of Riverside-San Bernardino, Glen Helen Regional Park offers locals a place to enjoy the great outdoors. The park encompasses 1,340 acres, which includes two lakes, a swimming complex and picnic areas.

The complex features several pools, a zero-depth play park, water slides and a sandy area. As such, it’s a major draw for people of all ages, especially families.

If you’re a fan of live entertainment, then Glen Helen Regional Park has something for you: the San Manuel Amphitheater, which has 65,000 outdoor seats. The concert hall has recently hosted such stars as Blake Shelton and was the site of 2014 Knotfest.

The park is also the home of the Glen Helen Speedway, an outdoor motor bike racecourse where professionals manage rough terrain.

Whether you enjoy swimming, hiking, picnicking, listening to music or watching dirt bikes race, Glen Helen Regional Park has tons to offer—and it’s all outside!

Big Bear Lake

Nestled in the San Bernardino Mountains is Big Bear Lake, which is a popular vacation spot. The beautiful scenery and quiet lake make the area the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Visitors come to ski and snowboard in the mountains, a fun outdoor activity you may not picture yourself doing in Southern California. However, it’s definitely possible at Big Bear Lake.

Downtown San Bernardino

Never underestimate the fun you can have walking through the urban center of San Bernardino. From window shopping to strolling through parks, you can enjoy sunny California weather while also taking in the sights and sounds of a buzzing metropolis. The city features shopping malls, museums, parks, restaurants and squares.

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The Best Outdoor Activities in California's Inland Empire

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