But, as with many American cities, it can be difficult to find a cheap apartment within range of the best schools the city has to offer.

Philadelphia is fortunate to have a strong rental market that typically has a decent amount of available units but it can still be hard to find an affordable apartment near good schools.

According to Apartment Guide research, renters in metropolitan Philadelphia will pay nearly 50 percent more, on average, to rent near a good school. But, that isn’t a requirement. All it takes is a little knowledge of the city to secure an affordable rental that provides your family with a quality education.

Using information from GreatSchools alongside its existing rental property database, Apartment Guide was able to narrow their findings down enough to indicate specific properties that are both affordable and rated well at the elementary, middle and high school levels.

Elementary schools

Apartment Guide reported the three most affordable apartment complexes in Philadelphia with good schools as Springfield Green in Morton, Lawrence Hill Apartments in Havertown, and the Bala Apartments in Philadelphia.

The average elementary school ratings of elementary schools near the Bala Apartments and Springfield Green received a full 10 points from GreatSchools and rents at these complexes average $950 and $1,268 per month, respectively.

Schools near the Lawrence Hill apartment complex in Havertown received a slightly-lower, but still impressive, average rating of nine points. Rent at this complex is $1,050 per month on average.

Middle schools

Springfield Green and Lawrence Hill apartment complexes make a re-appearance on Apartment Guide’s list of cheap apartments near the best middle schools in Philly.

The middle schools around Springfield Green received a full 10 points as the elementary schools did. But, while the area around Lawrence Hill apartments received a rating of nine points for its elementary schools, the area is rated a full 10 points for its middle schools.

Another fantastic and cheap apartment complex for highly-rated middle schools is North Lane Apartments in Conshohocken. The area is rated a full 10 out of 10 for its middle schools and average monthly rent at the complex comes out to $1,208.

High schools

Three of the top four apartment complexes for cheap rent and good high schools have already been mentioned as they were top contenders in Apartment Guide’s findings for both elementary and middle schools – Springfield Green, Lawrence Hill Apartments, and Bala Apartments.

The surrounding high schools of all three of these complexes received a full 10 points from GreatSchools. Average monthly rent at the properties ranges from $950 to $1,268.

The Bradfield Court Apartments in Abington are the apartments not yet mentioned. The average rental fee is $1,050 at these apartments and high schools in the area are rated as nine and a half out of ten.

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