best time to move to a new apartment

What’s the Best Time of Year to Rent an Apartment?

Why winter is the hottest time to make a move.

Searching for a new apartment often takes a lot of time and research; in fact, it can be disheartening if you have a hard time finding an apartment you love. And that’s why winter is the best time to rent an apartment. You might be surprised at how easy it is to discover your next apartment, one that you can’t wait to turn into a home.

1. There often is lower demand in the winter

It’s no secret people love to move in the summer. The weather usually is great, the kids are out of school for families looking to relocate and there often is less demand on our time for other activities. In fact, 40 percent of all moves occur in the summer, with just 5% taking place in November and December. As a result, apartment shoppers can find some great apartments for rent, particularly new apartments that may be completed during the season.

2. You could find more options for apartment size, style

In tandem with lower demand, renters may find there is a wider variety of apartment sizes and styles available during the winter than in other seasons. Because demand is lower, it might be easier to find that two-bedroom apartment you wanted instead of having to settle for a one-bedroom unit. This also applies to those new apartments that are completed during the winter. That means you could land a great apartment with new appliances, updated finishes and special spaces such as a sunroom or screened porch.


3. There could be more availability with movers

Because people don’t move as often during the winter, you may be able to book your movers on your timetable instead of having to wait for one to become available. This is important so you can schedule the movers around your commitments and work schedule and don’t have to use valuable personal or vacation days for moving instead. Also, during this slower season, movers may not be as rushed, so might be less likely to damage your items.

4. You could have more time off to move

No one wants to spend their personal or vacation days moving instead of on a much-needed vacation. When moving in the winter, particularly around the holidays, you likely could have extra days off that won’t interfere with your PTO or vacation days. Although no one wants to spend their holidays moving, it could prove beneficial if you don’t have to take off extra time at work.

5. You could snag an apartment when a fall graduate vacates

Looking for an apartment near a college campus could be especially challenging because many, if not most, apartments are already booked from September through May. However, if you are moving to a college town during the winter, particularly in December or January, you could score an apartment when a fall graduate prepares to move out. After all, no landlord wants an apartment to sit empty until the new students arrive in August or September.

More money in your pocket

6. You could save money

While you may not be looking for a less expensive apartment, you could still score one during the winter. No landlord wants a vacant apartment, so it’s not uncommon for them to run rent specials during the winter when demand is low. This could range from waiving the security deposit to offering a free month of rent to reducing rent for the entire term of the rental agreement.

7. It’s a good time to negotiate preferred rental terms

Because landlords want to rent empty apartments during the winter, the tenant is in a good position to negotiate the rental agreement terms. This could include asking for a shorter- or longer-term lease, waiving fees such as those for pets or upgrading the appliances in the unit. If there’s something you want, now is the time to ask. The worst that could happen is the landlord says no.

Yes, winter is the best time to rent an apartment

As you can see, renting an apartment during the winter could provide many benefits, so don’t hesitate to start looking for a new apartment when the weather turns cold. You could end up scoring a hot deal on your next home.


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