Almost everyone is looking for DIY room decor ideas – they can be fun to do and save you some money. One of the most popular places to look is Pinterest – there are hundreds of great ideas for decor projects at the click of a button.

But some of these projects don’t turn out as planned and are commonly known as “Pinterest fails.” Check out a few big ones so you can learn from a few mistakes and get a few laughs.

1. Painted chair

All you’ve got to do is paint some fabric. What could possibly go wrong?

painted chair


2. Popcorn wreath

String popcorn and wrap around a paper plate. Too easy…

popcorn wreath


3. Balloon string lamp

You’re supposed to wrap the string around the balloon while it’s inflated

balloon string lamp


4. Melted crayon art

Maybe just stick to coloring books.

melted crayon art


5. Penny table

A penny saved is a… ruined table?

penny table


6. Vintage paint

Paint, crackle and pop of DIY design. Or not.

vintage table


7. Book Christmas tree

At least people will be able to see your impressive book collection.

book christmas tree


8. Skyline lamp

Either it was a cloudy night or this city was in a blackout.

skyline lamp


9. Waterfall curtains

So majestic…

waterfall curtains


10. Papier-mâché deer head

Maybe hang a painting instead?

deer head


Do you have your own impressive Pinterest Fail? Let us know in the comments below!

Header Photo by Alice Achterhof on Unsplash