How to Create “Boho Room” Decor

Boho room decor can be tricky to create, but we’re here to help. Typically, the word “Bohemian” evokes images of world travelers, hippies, and artists, so the style is a romantic, eclectic look that conveys a sense of free-spirited, artistic individuality.  

Really, the options are endless when it comes to boho room decor, but you want to keep your apartment looking chic, and not like a big hodgepodge.  We break down the unwritten rules of this fun decorating style to help you easily create a boho chic look in your home.

Mood-Setting Rules

Embrace the unusual whether in furniture, fabric, or art.  Think hammock chairs, Moroccan poufs, and tribal art.

Eclectic is king. You can juxtapose just about anything with boho chic style: vintage with streamlined modern even clashing colors.

Don’t deny your inner gypsy.  Embrace the caravan look with bold colors and embellished surfaces.

Warm, romantic lighting is a must in boho decor.  Think Moroccan lanterns, fairy string lights, candles, and beaded chandeliers.

Textures and Materials 

Rustic textures like unfinished wood or antiqued surfaces are musts.  The older and more patina the better.

Crochet and macrame are never frumpy.  Embrace these handmade arts for curtains, blanket embellishments, and hanging plant holders.

Place greenery everywhere.  There is always room for one more plant in the boho chic room.

Colors and Patterns

Bright hues and bold patterns are your signature style.  To keep it looking chic pick two or three patterns that coordinate in a similar color palette and then mix in unique textures in neutral colors.

Florals are your friend.  Whether you opt for more abstract geometric florals or the romantic Laura Ashely look, floral fabrics convey that fanciful, hippie vibe.


More is more. Layer surfaces with art and travel mementos for a chaotic but happy look.  For a more chic vibe display specific collections together for a dramatic impact.

The handmade is covetable in boho room decor.  Whether you DIY it yourself or shop from Etsy, Bohemians delight in handmade crafts.

Appeal to all the senses with candles and incense in exotic fragrances like amber, frankincense, mandarin, ginger, and saffron.

Travel souvenirs should be on prominent display in your boho decor. Collect art and decor for your home everywhere you go.  Highlight these global treasures in prominent spots throughout your home.


The floor is for lounging.  Throw down a tribal rug and bright cacophony of pillows for a completely free-spirited seating arrangement.

Creativity and individuality are the ultimate goals for your boho chic room.  Remember, an artistic individuality is at the essence of Bohemian, so express yourself and decorate with anything that makes you happy!

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