9 New Books to Put on Your Summer Reading List

Whether you’re a hardcover fan or have transitioned into the ease of the Kindle, summer reading is a fun way to pass the time. From thrillers to dystopian worlds, we’ve compiled the best reads for you and your book club.

Here’s what you should add to your summer reading list this year. They may give you an excuse or two to finally book that beach trip.

1. “The Dreamers” by Karen Thompson Walker

the dreamers

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A mysterious illness sends most of a college town into a deep slumber. As the town descends into chaos, doctors continue to investigate what caused this and why.

“The Dreamers” are having an incredibly high amount of activity in their brains, but what are they dreaming about? Embark in this sci-fi adventure as those awake try to figure out what happened.

2. “An American Marriage” by Tayari Jones

an american marriage

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While “An American Marriage” was released in early 2018, the book quickly rose in popularity thanks to a tap from Oprah’s Book Club.

Jones tells the profound story of newlyweds Celestial and Roy, living in the New South, as they run into circumstances that threaten to tear them apart. This heartbreaking love story with unexpected twists will have you glued to it until the very end.

3. “We Cast a Shadow” by Maurice Carlos Ruffin

we cast a shadow

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If you’re into satire, “We Cast a Shadow” provides a dizzying journey into a near-future Southern city, where violent racism is alive and the only way to escape police violence is through a clinic procedure.

While heavy in difficult themes, this dystopian story provides deep insight into a relationship between a father and a son who are trying to survive at its core and how society can influence it.

4. “I’ll Never Tell” by Catherine McKenzie

i'll never tell

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No beach trip is complete without a good murder mystery book in your tote. Pick up “I’ll Never Tell” and follow along as five siblings reunite following their parents’ deaths.

Before they’re able to settle their parents’ estate, they must found out what happened to their friend Amanda nearly 20 years ago, when she was found beaten to death in a rowboat. Curious? This hardcover comes out in a few days on June 1.

5. “Daisy Jones & The Six” by Taylor Jenkins Reid

daisy jones & the six

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An oral history surrounding the rise one of the biggest bands of the 1970s and their infamous breakup, “Daisy Jones & The Six” will captivate you with its drama, intrigue and confessions.

The story comes directly from the band members themselves about this fictional band. Rock ‘n Roll is never dull and Reid makes it an exciting ride.

6. “Gingerbread” by Helen Oyeyemi


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British writer Helen Oyeyemi loves to create worlds that thrive in magic realism and put your imagination to work. In “Gingerbread,” a family recipe, that while not popular in the streets of London, is on demand constantly in the far, far away land of Druhástrana.

Character Perdita Lee sets out to find this magical place and learn more about the meaning of family through tasty gingerbread biscuits. This is a brilliant twist on the story of Hansel and Gretel.

7. “Figuring” by Maria Popova


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If you’re a fan of her site Brain Pickings, Maria Popova’s “Figuring” will introduce you to more of her thoughts on science, love, art and how human beings interact with it all.

Her essays will help you explore the deeps of humanity and the meaning of life as she weaves her research through the lives of her favorite artists, poets and writers.

8. “Instructions for a Funeral” by David Means

instructions for a funeral

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Short story author David Means comes back with his fifth collection, “Instructions for a Funeral,” to explore themes in fatherhood, marriage, homelessness, addiction and death.

These themes are a slight departure from his usual humor and wild twists, but Means’ words still grab your attention and stay with you way past the end.

9. “Get in Trouble” by Kelly Link

get in trouble

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Vampires, fairies and ghost-hunting are just some of the fun things that you’ll find in “Get in Trouble.” While you peek into the darkness a little bit, this horror-leaning short story collection will not make you sleep with the light on.

The world Link creates will fascinate you, not scare you, and the magic behind every storyline will have your imagination wanting more.

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