28 Brooklyn Facts Every Local Knows To Be True

In case you haven’t heard, Brooklyn is gentrifying.

The home of Biggie Smalls is now a mecca for tourists and sky-high rents. Some are deeming it way too famous to be considered true hipster. Expensive rents are partly the cause of an exodus of residents who’d rather live in Phoenix, Dallas or Las Vegas.

With the rise of new condos, high-rise buildings and a Trader Joe’s replacing neighborhood bodegas, a significant shift has taken place. And for the OG folks who call Brooklyn their home (you know who you are), they’ve watched the city grow and change. They’ve rolled with the punches.

Only real Brooklynites know these truths to be real

1. Brooklyn is so expensive you’re thinking about moving back to Manhattan. Or Long Island City. Crap, it’s already too expensive there.

2. The G line is both a blessing and a curse. Why can’t they extend it to go into Manhattan?

3. Spending a Saturday at the insanely crowded Williamsburg Smorgasburg is a must.

4. Buying a small Christmas tree at the deli is normal.

5. You know the last authentic hold-out from your neighborhood’s OG cultural group — from pierogies in Greenpoint to cabbage in Little Odessa.

6. You’re not actually from Brooklyn. (You’re most likely from California or Ohio.)

7. If you lived in Brooklyn for more than 10 years, you happily give people the rundown on all of the neighborhoods you’ve lived in — in order. “Let’s see… I first moved to Bushwick, then Crown Heights, then…” (You also root for the Nets.)

8. Your friends with young kids live in stroller city, also known as Park Slope.

9. You know that driving on the BQE means taking your life into your hands.

10. You know BAM is the place to be for concerts, plays, and film screenings.

11. You shop at Khim’s and Fairway and despise the newest Whole Foods that’s creeping into your ‘hood.

12. You’ve been called a hipster from your out-of-town friends.

13. Talking about sky-high rents is on the same level as talking about religion or politics — you just can’t do it without strong opinions or frowning.

14. Happy hour is for seeing your friends on weekdays. Brunch is for seeing your friends on weekends.

15. You’ve spent at least one night in the past month at your neighborhood bar’s open mic night listening to the comedy, music or poetry of your fellow Brooklynites.

16. If you moved to your neighborhood more than 5 years ago, you reminisce about the hole-in-the-wall restaurant that’s been replaced by a Chipotle.

17. You steer clear of DUMBO because of the tourists.

18. You roll your eyes when you see the line in front of Grimaldi’s. Because clearly, Grimaldi’s is not the best pizza in town.

19. You’ve taken your out-of-town guests to Peter Luger at least once.

20. You love your local deli, even though you can shop for way less at the new Trader Joe’s down the street.

21. You always carry an umbrella in your bag, no matter what the season is.

22. You know that owning a car requires deep pockets or moving your car at 7 a.m. every other day for the street sweeper.

23. Flying out of La Guardia is so much better than JFK, but you still manage to complain about it.

24. On a beautiful day, you head to Prospect Park to enjoy rosé or McCarren Park to sip on a margarita from the Turkey’s Nest.

25. Some of your friends have named their kids Brooklyn — spelled Brooklin.

26. Remember when your friends from Manhattan would never even trek to Brooklyn? Now, they live in Brooklyn.

27. It’s normal to see celebrities like Michelle Williams or Keri Russel out walking their dog.

28. You know at least two couples who moved from Brooklyn to Portland, and plenty more who are thinking of moving to Texas or Arizona.

Did we forget anything?

Have we missed anything on this list? Do you agree or disagree? If you live in Brooklyn and want to let us know what we’ve missed, chime in below and send us a comment!

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