13 Budget-Friendly DIY Halloween Decoration Ideas

But don’t fret! We won’t let the ghost of Halloween past (bills) frighten you away from having the best-decorated house on the block this year.

The DIY Halloween decoration ideas on this list are all cheap, simple and s-s-s-spooky!

1. “Bat cave” front door

“Bat cave

Source: Country Living

This DIY Halloween decoration hack from Country Living is one of the easiest and cheapest ideas on the list. All you need are several pieces of black felt, a pair of scissors, and some stencils of variously-sized bats.

Trace and cut several bats from the felt and paste them all over your door until it resembles a spooky bat cave. This one is sure to be a hit with trick-or-treaters!

2. Abandoned house

Abandoned house

Source: destashio

Decorating your house to look very creepy is as easy as covering all your porch or living room furniture with plain white sheets to make it look like it’s been vacant. This one is a win-win if you’re hosting a Halloween party, as it will protect your furniture from any inadvertent “black cauldron” cocktail spills.

Bonus points if you buy bagged cobweb material to leave the scene looking even creepier.

3. Goth garden

Goth garden

Source: Lia Griffith

Decorate your house with black, gray or blood-red homemade paper flowers. Make a bouquet for table centerpieces or use them all over to give your home a Gothic wedding kind of vibe.

If you want to decorate the doors in your house, you can even make wreaths from them. Lia Griffith provides both a tutorial for making the flowers and a downloadable stencil template for them!

4. Tissue paper ghosts

Tissue paper ghosts

Source: Aunt Annie’s Crafts

Haunted house, anyone? Another super budget-friendly DIY decoration option, tissue paper ghosts require very few materials, most of which you probably already have laying around your home.

All you’ll need is white tissue paper, some yarn, a pair of scissors, a black marker and a ruler. If you’re feeling fancy, you can add another dimension to your paper ghouls by painting the edges of them with watercolors.

5. Candy corn garland

candy corn garland

Source: Momtastic

If you’re not a fan of the spooky side of Halloween and more into the sweet side of the holiday, then the candy corn garland DIY project is for you. All you’ll need for this project is candy corn, string, a hot glue gun and a pair of scissors.

Plus, this one gets bonus points for budget-friendliness because you can use it for Thanksgiving, too!

6. Spiderweb windows

Spiderweb windows

Source: How About Orange

Most months of the year, cobwebs and spiderwebs in the window are a sign you need to do some serious house cleaning. However, come October, the more spiderwebs the better!

If you’re looking for an easy DIY Halloween decoration, garbage bag spiderwebs are a good go-to. You can decorate each corner of your apartment with your hand-crafted webs, making your home feel spooky all month long. All you’ll need is scissors, black trash bags and tape.

7. Mason jar ghosts

Mason jar ghosts

Source: No. 2 Pencil

Ghosts are an essential part of Halloween decor. These easy-to-make Mason jar ghosts are the perfect addition to your apartment and can be used as centerpieces, perched on the windowsills or placed by your front doorstep to add a ghostly vibe to your apartment this season.

First, get a variety of different-sized, empty jars. Then, spray paint them white. Lastly, glue some googley-eyes to the jar and voila! You’ve got yourself some spooky DIY ghosts. If ghosts aren’t your thing, you can use empty bottles to create decorative mummies, too.

8. Haunted candy houses

Haunted candy houses

Source: Mom Endeavors

Who says you can only make gingerbread houses at Christmas? If you’re looking for a DIY Halloween decoration, these haunted candy houses are an inexpensive and fun way to spice up your apartment. Plus, they are fun to make!

Next time you’re at the store, browse the seasonal aisle and get a selection of candy and graham crackers to make your haunted house. Decorate with orange and black frosting and Halloween candy, and you’ve got yourself a haunted house, graveyard and village!

9. Pumpkin garland

Pumpkin garland

Source: Design Improvised

You can never have too many festive garlands. The layout of your apartment doesn’t matter because garlands are easy to string in front of a fireplace, from window to window, across the wall or even on the front door.

To make a pumpkin garland, you’ll need orange balloons, a black marker and string. Simply blow up as many balloons as you need, draw pumpkin-inspired faces on them, string them together, and hang them anywhere in your apartment!

10. Morgue door

Morgue door

Source: Country Living

Living in an apartment, you may not be able to decorate your front yard like a graveyard. But you can turn your front door into a mock morgue fridge drawer. All you need is black paper, foam board, hinges and duct tape. You’ll be the gatekeeper in no time at all.

11. Eyeball wreath

Eyeball wreath

Source: House Beautiful

If you’re looking for a DIY Halloween decoration, look no further than this eyeball wreath. What’s creepier than hundreds of eyeballs staring you down every time you knock on the front door? To make this piece, you’ll need white ping-pong balls and stick-on googley-eyes.

12. Spooky Halloween dinner place settings

Spooky Halloween dinner place settings

Source: Curly Birds

As Hallows Eve approaches, you may want to host a themed dinner party without breaking the bank on decoration. You can easily spook up your dining table with vampire teeth napkin-rings and mummy-inspired name cards. These will serve as practical pieces for your place settings without giving up any of the spook factor.

13. Candy corn vases

Candy corn vases

Source: Mom Spark

Whether you like candy corn or not, candy corn vases are a simple addition to any apartment. Take empty bottles and some orange, yellow and white spray paint. Spray each bottle with the different colors to mimic the candy, and you’ve got yourself a Halloween-inspired decoration.

Treat yourself this Halloween

Treat yourself this Halloween season by decorating your apartment for the spooky season.

All these ideas are sure to liven up your home for any Halloween party and make your visiting trick-or-treaters smile.

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