Can You Still Have the Thrill of a Grill in Your Apartment?

But not all apartment complexes allow grills on their property – in fact, most places will tell you no.

That doesn’t have to be a deal breaker in choosing an apartment, though. It’s something to ask about when apartment hunting, but there are a lot of alternatives, as well.

Using an electric grill at your apartment

While an apartment community may not allow a gas or charcoal grill, an electric grill might be a possibility.

For use indoors or out, electric grills are growing in popularity. All you need is an electrical outlet and you’re set to heat some meat. It won’t give you the same flavor or texture as a traditional grill, but they’re a great alternative if there is no other option.

However, If the answer is still no, you might want to try your hand at indoor grilling!

Using a community grill at your apartment

Many apartment complexes are adding community grills for their tenants, giving residents the opportunity to grill without compromising the safety of their units.

Some communities have simple charcoal grills, while others have deluxe gas grills surrounded by outdoor seating areas, providing a full al fresco experience.

Using a community grill may even present an opportunity to meet your neighbors, throw a party or simply share a meal with friends. Just be sure you know the rules around using and cleaning the grills, so you’re not dubbed the messy neighbor.

Don’t get too heated about your apartment grill

When it comes down to choosing an apartment, don’t let grilling on your deck hold you back!

Ask property managers upfront about their policies – often, the landlord may not object to grilling, but there could be a city ordinance around where you can grill. And remember, if you can’t grill at home, many local parks, waterfronts and campgrounds have grills for the public to use.

Cheers to your next cookout!

Photo by Stephanie McCabe on Unsplash



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