Cat Grooming: Tips for Giving Your Cat a Bath

Part of cat grooming is keeping your kitty nice and clean. While it does clean itself naturally, it may need to be washed in the tub in some cases, like if you just adopted it or it got a little messy in the litterbox. Bathing your cat can be a tough process–nothing seems to bring out the claws quicker than the sound of running water. In order to keep this event as safe as possible for you and your cat, keep the following tips in mind:

Play Before Bath Time

Before a cat bath, be sure to schedule play time. Have it chase after strings, balls or lasers–whatever your kitty likes. If it exhausts as much energy as possible, it may be less likely to make a fuss when it comes to getting clean.

Try the Sink

It can be difficult for you to bend down and clean your feline in the tub, so bring its bath to the kitchen or bathroom sink. There’s less room for it to escape and you can wash your kitty more efficiently. Only fill the tub or sink with enough water to bathe your kitty, ensuring that it won’t be easily submerged during the process.

Have the Right Equipment

Before you head to the bath with your cat, grab the necessary cat grooming supplies:

  • Rubber gloves (to avoid scratches)

  • Cat shampoo

  • A small gentle cloth to wash the face

  • Cotton balls to clean the ears

  • A large towel

  • A large pitcher for rinsing

Dry Your Feline

Wrap your furry friend in a large towel and dry it off in a warm place, free of any chilly drafts. After all, you know how cold it can be after stepping out of the shower. If your cat doesn’t mind the noise, you can use a blow dryer on its lowest heat setting to ward off excess moisture. If your pet has long hair, be sure to carefully untangle the fur with a wide-tooth comb.

Offer a Treat

Your kitty deserves a reward for going through the process, so give it some praise with its favorite treat.

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