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The Cheapest Football Cities for Renters in America

From tailgates to Super Bowl parties, football fans just can’t get enough. American football is the GOAT (greatest of all time) and it’s also the most popular sport in the U.S. with over 91 million people tuning into the 2021 Super Bowl game.

While some people tune into a Sunday game here and there, others live and breathe football. People are curious about the cheapest football cities in America. Some fans are looking for cities where they can score cheap tickets to a game and other fans are actually moving to the cheapest football cities.

So, are you a die-hard fan looking for the cheapest football cities for renters? Our data analysts have scouted American cities to bring you a list of the first and 10 cheapest football cities in America.

These are the cheapest football cities for renters

Interestingly, the cheapest NFL cities are in the midwest in Ohio, Wisconsin, Indiana and Kansas. On the flip side, the most expensive NFL cities are on the East Coast in states like New York, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Washington, D.C. Sprinkled in the middle of the cost spectrum or states in the south and on the West Coast.

Let’s kick off the game and take a look at the top 10 (plus one) cheapest football cities.

10 (tied). Tampa, FL

Ranking in position 10 is Tampa. Two-time Super Bowl champions, the Buccaneers call Tampa Bay home. Last year, the Buccaneers reigned supreme and won the 2021 Super Bowl with Tom Brady as their QB. Sounds like a cool place to live, right?

In addition to the football history, rent prices are pretty cool, too. With a one-bedroom apartment averaging $1,568 a month and a two-bedroom apartment costing not much more at $1,801 a month, Tampa is the 10th cheapest football city in America.

Plus, you can visit several beautiful beaches and enjoy almost year-round sunny skies in this football city.

10 (tied). Minneapolis, MN

Hey, there are ties in football! Therefore, there are also ties in our rankings. Minneapolis also comes in at position 10 as another one of the cheapest football cities in America.

The Minneapolis Vikings joined the NFL in 1960 and are one of only six NFL teams to win at least 15 games during the regular season. If you’re a Vikings fan, you can get a one-bedroom apartment for an average of $1,433 per month and a two-bedroom apartment for $2,060 per month.

When you’re not watching football, Minneapolis has a great school system for the kids and a high minimum wage. With low rent and high pay options, what more could you ask for?

9. Buffalo, NY

Buffalo Bills fans are notorious for their legendary tailgates, which include shenanigans like jumping off ledges and smashing folding tables. Are you part of the “Bills Mafia”? If so, Buffalo is a great place to call home.

With low rental prices ranging from $1,400 to $1,800 for one- and two-bedroom apartments, this is one of the cheapest football cities in America. The city of Buffalo is also appealing to those who like the vibe of a big city but don’t want to live in Manhattan itself. This city is the second most populated in New York but a bit slower in pace and smaller in size.

8. Pittsburgh, PA

The Pittsburgh Steelers are the most decorated team in the NFL with eight Super Bowl appearances and six wins. If it sounds great to live in the home of the Steelers, then Pittsburgh is the place for you.

In football, the higher the score on the scoreboard the better. But with rent, the lower the prices the better. You’re in luck! Pittsburgh ranks as the eighth-most inexpensive city for rent. With rent between $1,500 and $1,700, you can spend more money on tickets to see this legendary team play.

Pittsburgh is also great for workers because of the emerging tech scene offering lots of room for job growth.

7. Charlotte, NC

If you’re a Carolina Panther fan, you probably know all of the stats about the team’s quarterback or defensive line-up. But did you know that the Panthers got their name because the franchise owner’s son liked big, black cats? Yep, that’s right! You may even spot Sir Purr, the team’s mascot if you settle down in Charlotte, which is also the seventh most affordable football city in America.

With rent in Charlotte at $1,297 and $1,713 respectively, you can find a home that fits your needs and catch a game to see these cool cats play. You’ll get the big city vibe with Southern charm in this North Carolina city.

6. Houston, TX

The Texans, Houston’s football team, might be the newest in the NFL, but that doesn’t mean they’re last in the league. Far from it! In fact, they had one of the best defensive players ever — J.J. Watt — play for them for several years until he signed with the Cardinals (on our list at No. 4).

Houston is also a great city for rent prices. With a one-bedroom going for $1,248 and a two-bedroom going for $1,779 a month, you’re in a good place for football and saving on rent. Houston is notorious for sunny weather and a family-friendly vibe.

5. Kansas City, MO

The Kansas City Chiefs played in the first Super Bowl ever against the Green Bay Packers. They’ve also played in past two championship games — winning one of them.

Not only is this city home to a historic team — the rent and cost of living are reasonable. You can live in several areas of the city on the same budget. A one-bedroom apartment in Kansas City costs $1,258 on average and a two-bedroom costs $1,629.

Come cheers on the Chiefs when you call Kansas City your home.

4. Phoenix, AZ

The Arizona Cardinals may play in nearby Glendale, but the largest city in the area is Phoenix. The city is a nice blend of desert landscapes, suburban areas and a downtown city center.

If you love sunshine, Phoenix is a great place to move. Plus, rent is affordable at $1,216 and $1,416 for one- and two-bedroom apartments. You can’t beat that!

3. Indianapolis, IN

The Colts once called Baltimore home. But, they moved to Indianapolis where they’ve been ever since. Indianapolis is the third-cheapest football city in America with rent costing $1,128 for a one-bedroom and $1,348 for a two-bedroom apartment.

If you’re a Colts fan and are looking to move, then why not settle down here? You’ll have everything you need from a big city with great restaurants and entertainment, including the football team and games.

2. Green Bay, WI

The Green Bay Packers are a community-owned team, meaning the community itself can buy shares in the team. This leads to a die-hard fan base who has an actual stake in the team. If a strong sense of community matters to you, Green Bay is a great football city to move to.

Plus, it’s the second-cheapest football city in America with rent at $1,147 for a one-bedroom and shockingly, a two-bedroom apartment renting for $842 a month. Green Bay is a great NFL city.

1. Cincinnati, OH

The Bengals are the home team in Cincinnati, who have played in the Super Bowl two times in NFL history. If you root for this team, then you may want to move to the number one cheapest football city in America.

Cincinnati has a booming job market, affordable cost of living and great schools. With rent ranging between $1,000 and $1,200 for a one- or two-bedroom apartment, you’re sure to find a home that fits your rental price range.

The full list of cheapest football cities

For those that are die-hard football fans, you’re probably loyal to one (maybe two) teams. So, what if your team didn’t rank on our list of the top 10 cheapest football cities?

Don’t break a sweat — you’ll want to save that energy for when you cheer on your team. We’ve looked at the stats and created a list of the top 30 cheapest football cities for you.

RankCityTeamPopulation1BR Avg Rent1BR YoY % Change2BR Avg Rent2BR YoY % Change
1Cincinnati, OHBengals 303,940 $1,033 -18.37% $1,238 -12.39%
2Green Bay, WIPackers 104,578 $1,147 -2.94%$842-41.70%
3Indianapolis, INColts 876,384 $1,128 3.17% $1,348 1.46%
4Phoenix, AZCardinals 1,680,992 $1,216 -18.42% $1,416 -25.82%
5Kansas City, MOChiefs 495,327 $1,258 3.01% $1,629 0.27%
6Houston, TXTexans 2,320,268 $1,248 -2.02% $1,779 9.06%
7Charlotte, NCPanthers 885,708 $1,297 -3.98% $1,713 1.21%
8Pittsburgh, PASteelers 300,286 $1,704 7.29% $1,516 -15.91%
9Buffalo, NYBills 255,284 $1,436 21.38% $1,815 31.10%
10Tampa, FLBuccaneers 399,700 $1,568 4.54% $1,801 0.74%
10Minneapolis, MNVikings 429,606 $1,433 -3.62% $2,060 -3.52%
12Cleveland, OHBrowns 381,009 $1,443 -0.99% $1,949 5.33%
13Jacksonville, FLJaguars 911,507 $1,814 61.43% $1,682 24.82%
14Baltimore, MDRavens 593,490 $2,065 22.96% $1,671 -12.10%
14Dallas, TXCowboys 1,343,573 $1,553 -5.97% $2,271 -3.39%
16Atlanta, GAFalcons 506,811 $1,673 3.68% $2,252 2.54%
16Las Vegas, NVRaiders 651,319 $1,736 35.21% $1,921 25.93%
18Detroit, MILions 670,031 $1,674 17.23% $2,305 37.36%
19New Orleans, LASaints 390,144 $1,849 19.91% $2,769 34.21%
19Philadelphia, PAEagles 1,584,064 $1,908 -14.66% $2,475 -20.06%
21Nashville, TNTitans 670,820 $1,963 17.38% $2,848 36.29%
22Washington, DCFootball Team 705,749 $2,267 -15.69% $3,043 -14.58%
23Denver, COBroncos 727,211 $2,102 8.68% $3,475 33.62%
23Chicago, ILBears 2,693,976 $2,353 1.63% $3,117 -1.66%
23Seattle, WASeahawks 753,675 $2,353 1.02% $3,054 -23.88%
26Miami, FLDolphins 467,963 $2,770 9.72% $3,140 2.39%
27Los Angeles, CAChargers / Rams 3,979,576 $3,155 0.40% $4,803 2.62%
27San Francisco, CA49ers 881,549 $3,445 -12.30% $4,760 -3.00%
29Boston, MAPatriots 692,600 $3,731 -2.14% $5,279 -3.47%
30New York, NYGiants / Jets 8,336,817 $4,510 7.77% $6,931 24.98%


To find the cheapest football cities, we looked at all 30 cities with an NFL team and ranked by the affordability of one- and two-bedroom apartments. We then averaged those rankings together to find the cheapest place for renters.

New York was used for the Giants and Jets and Los Angeles was used for the Chargers and Rams. Phoenix, Boston, Nashville, Charlotte and Minneapolis were used for the Arizona Cardinals, New England Patriots, Tennessee Titans, Carolina Panthers and Minnesota Vikings, respectively.

Rent prices are based on a one-year rolling weighted average from Apartment Guide and Rent.’s multifamily rental property inventory of one-bedroom apartments as of August 2021. We use a weighted average formula that more accurately represents price availability for each individual unit type and reduces the influence of seasonality on rent prices in specific markets.

The rent information included in this article is used for illustrative purposes only. The data contained herein do not constitute financial advice or a pricing guarantee for any apartment.


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