The Cheapest Neighborhoods in Miami for Renters in 2022

Miami is one of the most popular destinations for people moving in the U.S. and is even considered one of the best places to live in Florida. And who can blame people for flocking to Miami? Sun, ocean, perfect weather — Miami has it all.

If you're thinking about packing your bags for South Florida, this roundup of the cheapest neighborhoods in Miami will help you find the perfect apartment to call home.

What is the average rent in Miami?

The average rent for a two-bedroom apartment in Miami is $3,249. That's an increase of 9.23 percent in just one year. This is an average, however, and you will find apartment prices will vary by neighborhood.

The 10 most affordable neighborhoods in Miami

Fortunately, many of the cheapest neighborhoods in Miami are more affordable than the citywide average. “Cheap" doesn't mean bad, however. All of these neighborhoods still have access to all the amenities Miami is known for. Most of these are on the south or east side of the city, within easy commuting distance of downtown and Miami's world-class universities. A few of them are even on the waterfront.

You're sure to find a great apartment to call home in one of these neighborhoods.

10. Upper Eastside

upper east side, one of the cheapest neighborhoods in miami

Source: Rent./631 NE 69th St.
  • Average 2-BR rent: $3,415
  • Rent change since 2021: +3.92%

This neighborhood sits right on Biscayne Bay and is next door to Little Haiti. Two designated historic districts sit within its boundaries. The age of the neighborhood means it contains a mixture of architecture from Frame Vernacular to Art Deco to Midcentury Modern. It's a great place to live for architecture fans! You can walk down the street and see historic buildings from multiple time periods sitting side by side.

Upper Eastside contains an impressive number of parks for such a small neighborhood. You'll never run out of restaurants and bars to try. Sidewalk cafés are especially popular in this neighborhood. It's also home to the striking retail complex Miami Ironside. Want to head to the beach? No problem — Upper Eastside is right across the bay from Miami Beach. Just hop on the bridge at NE 79th Street and you'll be there in minutes.

9. Golden Pines

golden pines

Source: Rent./Gables Columbus Center
  • Average 2-BR rent: $3,034
  • Rent change since 2021: +19.89%

Golden Pines is a small neighborhood on the southeast side of Miami, not too far from Downtown. It buts up against Coconut Grove and Coral Gables. It's just a few blocks from the waters of Biscayne Bay. Several of Miami's best museums, including Vizcaya Museum and Gardens and the Coral Gables Museum, are within easy reach, as are two of the city's botanical gardens.

Douglas Park is located within the neighborhood and two of the parks on Biscayne Bay are nearby. The Coral Gables Hospital is on the western edge of the neighborhood. You'll also be an easy commute from the University of Miami. This makes the neighborhood popular with college students, of course.

8. Coral Way

Coral Way, one of the cheapest neighborhoods in Miami

Source: Rent./2745 SW 17th St.
  • Average 2-BR rent: $3,020
  • Rent change since 2021: +18.28%

If you want to be close to Downtown but live somewhere with a suburban feel, Coral Way is made for you. It's bounded on the west by Coral Gables and the east by Biscayne Bay. Downtown is just a short drive away. You can easily get to Hobie Island Beach Park and Virginia Key. Just hop on Highway 913.

Do you want a variety of restaurants? Nightlife? Plenty of parks and outdoor activities? This neighborhood has them. It's also home to several museums and isn't far from Wynwood, the arts and culture center of the city. Finally, it's within an easy commute of Miami International Airport to the northwest and the University of Miami to the south.

7. Boca del Mar

Boca del Mar

Source: Rent./Gables Boca Place
  • Average 2-BR rent: $2,674
  • Rent change since 2021: +19.36%

This community sits on the west side of I-95 and has a distinctly suburban feel. Boca del Mar is a master-planned community with many residential enclaves, schools, churches, golf courses and outdoor activities such as parks and bicycle trails. It's much quieter than the city center and most of the commercial plazas contain typical chain stores and restaurants.

This neighborhood is popular with families and professionals who want the advantages of an urban lifestyle while having the amenities of the suburbs. The average rent is increasing rapidly in this up-and-coming neighborhood, but it still ranks No. 7 on the list of most affordable neighborhoods in Miami.

6. Miami Urban Acres

Miami Urban Acres, one of the cheapest neighborhoods in Miami

Source: Rent./3640 SW 22nd St.
  • Average 2-BR rent: $2,555
  • Rent change since 2021: +3.28%

Miami Urban Acres is just west of Coral Gables near the Coral Gables Museum and Coral Gables Hospital. It's an almost completely urbanized neighborhood in the midst of the hustle and bustle that makes Miami so attractive. This neighborhood is convenient to just about everything — the beach, the airport and Downtown — all without the expensive prices that go along with living in those neighborhoods.

This neighborhood has many restaurants to try and is notable for its wide variety of Latin and South American food choices. Shopping options within the neighborhood are limited and are mostly national chains, but it's within easy reach of some of the best shopping districts in Miami. There's not much nightlife here, so you'll need to drive to find the best clubs. The location makes getting anywhere in Miami a breeze, however.

5. Edgewater

Edgewater Miami

Source: Rent./455 NE 25th St.
  • Average 2-BR rent: $2,394
  • Rent change since 2021: -13.01%

Just northeast of Downtown, you'll find Edgewater tucked along the edge of Biscayne Bay, with gorgeous views of the sunset and easy access to Miami Beach. It's right next door to the arts and culture district in Wynwood, too.

It might surprise you to find this neighborhood on the list of cheapest places to live in Miami, but it's true. Rents have actually fallen in the last year. It's mostly a residential neighborhood, but more retail spaces have been opening up as the neighborhood increases in popularity. Margaret Place Park and Biscayne Park provide outdoor activities for nature lovers. The schools have good ratings, as well.

4. Fountainebleau

Fountainbleau, Miami

Source: Rent./990 NW 99th Ct.
  • Average 2-BR rent: $1,819
  • Rent change since 2021: -8.45%

If you're looking for the most affordable neighborhoods in Miami near Florida International University, consider Fountainebleau. It's one of the few on this list on the west side of the city and is near enough to the university to bike or catch the bus. Some of the apartment complexes are even within walking distance of the FIU College of Engineering and Computing.

Like most college neighborhoods, this one skews towards the younger end of the demographic curve, with the vast majority of residents being under 44. The retail scene is thriving here. This neighborhood is home to some of the biggest shopping centers in the city, including the Mall of the Americas. You can also find more common options, such as Walmart and Target.

Nature lovers will love the numerous parks and lakes that dot the neighborhood. And of course, the mall and the university mean there's an endless variety of eateries and nightlife.

3. Fontainbleau Park East

Fountainbleau Park East, cheap neighborhood in miami

Source: Rent./9350 Foutnainbleau Blvd.
  • Average 2-BR rent: $1,797
  • Rent change since 2021: -9.68%

This neighborhood is on the western side of the city near Florida International University. Fountainbleau Park East is a popular neighborhood for students and university employees. The north side of the neighborhood is bordered by the Dolphin Expressway and the south side by W Flagler Street.

It's not too far from the airport, either and is also close to the Mall of the Americas. It's a typical college neighborhood, with plenty of cheap restaurants and sports bars. There are many lakes in the neighborhood and Everglades National Park is only a short drive away.

2. Riverside


Source: Rent./855 7th St.
  • Average 2-BR rent: $1,628
  • Rent change since 2021: +14.91%

You'll find the neighborhood of Riverside situated between Downtown on the east and East Little Havana on the west. It was the first Miami suburb created west of the Miami River, which borders the neighborhood and gives it its name.

This neighborhood has a dense urban feel and is home to many restaurants, bars and coffee shops in addition to residential housing. You can also find several parks within its borders. The public schools are above average. Many families choose to live in this affordable neighborhood. Commuting Downtown or to the rest of the city is easy given its central location.

1. Riverview

Riverview, cheapest neighborhood in Miami

Source: Rent. 900 SW 8th St.
  • Average 2-BR rent: $1,356
  • Rent change since 2021: -4.26%

If you're looking for the cheapest neighborhoods in Miami, you can't get cheaper than Riverview. It's the most affordable neighborhood in the entire city. This older neighborhood is part of East Little Havana and is home to the Riverview Historic District. It's not far from Downtown and is bordered by the Miami River on the North. Riverside Park abuts the eastern boundary.

This is a highly diverse neighborhood with plenty of cafés and nightclubs. Naturally, it has a lot of Latin culture, and you can find some of the best Cuban food in the city here. The Manuel Artime Theater is on the western edge of Riverview. There's enough variety in the available activities to please anyone except the most ardent outdoor enthusiasts, who will have to drive to find places to canoe, hike, etc. Riverview's location makes commuting to Downtown or Brickell easy.

The most expensive neighborhood in Miami

On the other end of the scale from the cheapest neighborhoods in Miami, the most expensive neighborhood in Miami is trendy Brickell, not too far from Downtown. A two-bedroom apartment in this neighborhood will set you back an average of $4,639 per month. Rents in Brickell have gone down over the past year, however, dropping by just more than 2 percent.

Brickell abuts Downtown Miami and is a walkable, mixed-use neighborhood with many luxury apartments and a wide variety of retail shops and restaurants. It's also home to many financial institutions. This neighborhood is walkable, easy to get around and is trendy.

Find an affordable neighborhood for your next apartment

Are you looking to move to the Sunshine State? There are plenty of apartments for rent in the cheapest neighborhoods in Miami. The city would love to have you. You're sure to find your perfect fit. Pack your bags and come on down. Don't forget the sunscreen!

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