The Cheapest Neighborhoods in Philadelphia for Renters in 2022

Philadelphia gives you the best of two worlds. You get the perks of living in a thriving metropolis (it's now the sixth-largest city in the U.S.), as well as the comfort and pleasure of living in a city that has a small-town vibe. Most cities on the East Coast have this going for them because they embrace the area's history. Here, you'll see stone-paved streets, historic buildings and lovely, mature foliage that can take you back to yesteryear.

You'll also discern a very Paris-like vibe in Philly, as well, which makes sense since this is Paris' sister city. And because of Benjamin Franklin (the first ambassador to France), there are numerous homages paid to French living in this city – from architectural designs to French cuisine.

If you like the idea of living in a Paris-like community in the states, a move to Philly might be in the cards for you! When you're ready to make the move, we can help you find lovely apartments for rent in Philadelphia, as well as some of the cheapest neighborhoods in Philadelphia.

What is the average rent in Philadelphia?

The average rent in Philadelphia is $2,541. Interestingly, that rate is 12.48 percent lower than the previous year. Will it continue to drop or stay the same? Who's to say! There are some lovely neighborhoods and apartments in the city, and it's always nice when they're affordable for most people.

If the average seems a bit high for your price range, don't assume you can't afford a move to Philly. Remember that this is just an average. Plenty of apartments in the city are considerably higher or lower than the median rental price. With some careful scouring of the city — plus help from our list of the cheapest neighborhoods in Philadelphia — you can find a fantastic community to call home.

The 10 most affordable neighborhoods in Philadelphia

You've decided to make the move to Philly, but you're not sure where to live yet. It's easy to get caught up in the idea of finding the best apartment, but that's only part of the equation. We first have to find the best neighborhood. Below is our list of the cheapest neighborhoods in Philadelphia. We're sure there's something there that can fit most renters' budgets.

10. Garden Court

Garden Court

Source: Rent./Shepherd Lofts
  • Average 2-BR rent: $2,073
  • Rent change since 2021: 0 percent change

The Garden Court area is a residential community developed in the 1920s. It's one of the first neighborhoods to accommodate the automobile, which is evident in the layout of its streets. To this day, the 1920s vibe is unmistakable in the style and architecture of the area.

Though many of the apartments for rent in Garden Court have a modern look on the interior, most have beautiful, historic brick features on the exterior. Some apartment owners decided to keep the early 19th-century design on the interior of their complexes, choosing only to update appliances, flooring, paint and some fixtures. Otherwise, you'll feel like you've entered another era when you visit one of the apartments in Garden Court.

If you love historic architecture, you'll be happy to know that this is one of the cheapest places to live in Philadelphia.

9. West Central Germantown

West Central Germantown

Source: Rent./Rittenhouse Hill
  • Average 2-BR rent: $2,041
  • Rent change since 2021: +9.37 percent

Made up mostly of young professionals and retirees, West Central Germantown is one of the most affordable places in Philadelphia. It's a great neighborhood for singles and couples just starting out. It's close to employment opportunities, as well as dining, entertainment and other nightlife activities.

Residents believe this neighborhood is a hidden gem simply because other communities offer a shorter commute for young professionals. However, the drive is not that much longer and the benefits definitely outweigh the con of a longer commute, which include:

  • Beautiful architecture
  • Mature trees and plenty of green spaces
  • Being one of the cheapest neighborhoods in Philly

Residents who love greenery will like the area's proximity to Blue Bell Hill Park and Wissahickon Valley Park, which has nearly 60 miles of trails.

8. Upper North Philadelphia

Upper North Philadelphia

Source: Rent./Dobson Mills Apartments
  • Average 2-BR rent: $2,038
  • Rent change since 2021: 0 percent

You can find Temple University and the Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University in Upper North Philadelphia, which is one of the most affordable neighborhoods in Philadelphia. Students of these schools are happy that they get to live in a neighborhood that's close to their campuses while at the same time not having to worry about rental fees breaking the bank.

In addition to being a college neighborhood, Upper North Philly has some beautiful green spaces, including Fernhill Park and Hunting Park. Students and other residents of the area can go to those parks to read, study, play frisbee and soccer, get some exercise or just enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.

7. Allegheny West

allegheny west, one of the cheapest neighborhoods in Philadelphia

Source: Rent./3060 N 23rd St
  • Average 2-BR rent: $2,038
  • Rent change since 2021: 0 percent

The suburb of Allegheny West is approximately 15 minutes north of Downtown Philadelphia and has a mixed urban-suburban vibe. Many families live in the area and schools here earn high ratings from parents, many well above average.

On the west side of the area, Allegheny West borders the Schuylkill River and the Schuylkill River Trail. Eventually, the multi-use path (built over abandoned railroad lines) will extend for 120 miles through four counties. As you travel the trail, you'll get to experience the rich history of the region as the paved or gravel path takes you through urban and industrial landscapes, as well as suburban, rural and agricultural areas.

6. Chestnut Hill

Chestnut Hills

Source: Rent./Cherokee Apartments
  • Average 2-BR rent: $2,035
  • Rent change since 2021: -1.63 percent

Just 10 minutes from Downtown Philly is the historic neighborhood of Chestnut Hill, first established in the 1600s as part of Francis Daniel Pastorius's German Township. In addition to beautiful, historic architecture, the district is known for its high-quality private schools and thriving business district.

Several celebrities live in the area, including actor David Morse, professional golfer Joe Daley and actress Melissa Fitzgerald. Interestingly, despite the affluent residents, Chestnut Hill is still considered one of the cheapest neighborhoods in Philadelphia.

Chestnut Hill is also known as Philly's Garden District. Within this area, you'll find the:

  • Morris Arboretum of the University of Pennsylvania
  • Japanese Hill and Water Garden
  • Rose Garden
  • Garden RailwayJapanese Overlook Garden
  • Sculpture Garden

5. Overbrook

Overbrook, one of the cheapest neighborhoods in Philadelphia

Source: Rent./Premier@CityLine
  • Average 2-BR rent: $1,917
  • Rent change since 2021: +11.55 percent

A little over five miles from City Center is the community of Overbrook. Being so close to Downtown gives Overbrook a bit of an urban vibe. However, plenty of areas within this neighborhood feel decidedly suburban.

Residents describe the community as modern and middle-class. You'll find strip malls for easy, convenient shopping and services like doctor and dentists offices, banks, hair salons and more.

Schools in the area, including Overbrook Educational Center and Overbrook School for the Blind, get high ratings from parents in the neighborhood.

Nearby Morris Park — founded in 2004 — is nearly 150 acres of beautiful green space to spend time with friends, family and neighbors.

4. Wynnefield


Source: Rent./5109 Gainor Rd.
  • Average 2-BR rent: $1,916
  • Rent change since 2021: -3.97 percent

If you're looking for a quiet, suburban-like neighborhood, you'll want to look for apartments for rent in Wynnefield. Some people move here because it's one of the cheapest neighborhoods in Philadelphia. Once here, they're pleasantly surprised by the peace and quiet, community growth and spacious homes (many of which include a garage).

Though it has a discernible suburban vibe, residents love that they're not too far from urban amenities. Just head to City Avenue for a day of shopping and to get some delectable food items. Wynnefield is also close to St. Joseph University. It's an easy commute for students, and since it's one of the most affordable neighborhoods in Philly, it can also help them save some cash.

3. Roxborough

Roxborough, one of the cheapest neighborhoods in Philadelphia

Source: Rent./The View at Manayunk
  • Average 2-BR rent: $1,845
  • Rent change since 2021: +0.98 percent

Roxborough is ideal for renters looking for one of the cheapest places to live in Philadelphia that's also family-friendly. The neighborhood is only 11 miles northwest of Downtown Philly, near some of the best urban amenities the city has to offer. However, there are several safe green spaces where you can take your kids to play.

It's also an easy commute from Roxborough to Downtown via the SEPTA regional line. Roxborough is also somewhat walkable with nice sidewalks and easy access to locally-owned businesses and eateries.

The neighborhood also boasts historic row homes surrounded by beautiful, lush foliage.

2. East Falls

East Falls

Source: Rent./Carlton Park
  • Average 2-BR rent: $1,503
  • Rent change since 2021: +4.92 percent

Students of Thomas Jefferson University East Falls and Drexel University College of Medicine looking for apartments in the cheapest neighborhoods in Philadelphia need to visit East Falls. It's highly rated amongst students and young professionals, in part because of its proximity to Philadelphia's City Center.

East Falls has plenty of green spaces and coffee shops for studying, hanging out with friends or just enjoying some alone time.

Residents say the neighborhood is safe, and they enjoy taking walks in the area, partly because they feel safe and because the scenery is lovely.

1. Parkwood

Parkwood, one of the cheapest neighborhoods in Philadelphia

Source: Rent./North Brook Apartments
  • Average 2-BR rent: $1,296
  • Rent change since 2021: 0 percent

If you're looking for a diverse, close-knit community, check out the apartments for rent in Parkwood, one of the cheapest neighborhoods in Philadelphia.

Developers planned a residential neighborhood here in Parkwood back in the 1950s. Therefore, you'll find that the predominant housing style is 1950s-era brick row homes. Thankfully, they've been well maintained over the years and add to the community's charm. You'll also find lovely condos, townhouses and apartment complexes in Parkwood, too.

The local Parkwood Shopping Center has 26 stores to run errands, do some shopping and grab something to eat.

The most expensive neighborhood in Philadelphia

So, you've looked through our list of the most affordable neighborhoods in Philadelphia and think that you might actually be able to afford a community that costs a bit more. You might want to check out the community of Washington Square West. It's the most expensive neighborhood but still within some people's budgets!

Washington Square West was one of the first public squares in the country. It's near the city's center, making it convenient for work and shopping, and is one of the most beautiful, chic communities in the area.

You'll find some amazing apartments near the community's trendy shopping boutiques, hipster coffee houses and the most amazing eateries. Plus, the community is absolutely buzzing with activity at night. And while singles and young professionals love hanging out (and living!) in this neighborhood, there are lots of families that call it home, too.

If you like modern shopping, entertainment and dining options mixed with a good dose of historic charms, like cobblestone streets and historic buildings, definitely check out Washington Square West.

Find an affordable neighborhood for your next apartment

Looking for the right community and apartment to fit your needs isn't a daunting task. After reviewing our list of the cheapest neighborhoods in Philadelphia, you can then search our listings for a great apartment in that area. If you want to cut down on the time and effort even more, be sure to use our search filters. You can narrow your search to find apartments for rent in Philadelphia that will not only fit your budget but will also have the amenities you need and be in the neighborhood of your dreams!

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