Choosing Your First Neighborhood

Once you’ve established the budget for your first apartment, it’s time to decide which neighborhood is right for you.

[Establishing Your Apartment Budget]

It’s important to make sure you feel safe and happy in your neighborhood, and also that you have all of the amenities that you need close by like public transportation, grocery stores and nightlife.

Neighborhood Safety

Make sure the building’s public spaces, hallways, parking garages or lots are well lit. Look up the crime statistics for the area and visit the neighborhood at night to make sure you feel comfortable there.

Neighborhood Amenities

Think about what you need in your life and how far you’re willing to walk or drive for it… are you OK with your gym being a mile away? What about how close you are to the Laundromat? Subway? Grocery store? Look for proximity to the public transportation options you use the most. 

Get to Know the Building

Don’t be afraid to speak with current residents/future neighbors and find out their likes and dislikes when it comes to their apartment and/or building. It’s also good to meet your potential neighbors so you know what you are dealing with. If you’re the only young person, you probably won’t get away with parties.

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