City Roundup

If you're an apartment renter looking to move to a new location but don't even know where to begin, the blog is here to help you. With articles providing useful insight on the best cities for singles, the best cities for families, and the best for pet owners and more, we have all of the information you need so you can move to the environment that's right for you.
City Roundup | 10.31.2018

9 Places with Scary Names Where You Can Live

Whether it's Halloween or any other time of year, these town names are full of scare factor. We've dug up
City Roundup | 10.24.2018

8 of the Best Places to Celebrate Halloween in the Northeast

If you're looking for some scary good Halloween fun, there are tons of things to do in the Northeast. We'll
City Roundup | 10.23.2018

Best Places to Celebrate Halloween in California

California is known for a lot of things – Disneyland, beaches, Hollywood and now Halloween. Here are the best places
City Roundup | 10.05.2018

Which Nashville Neighborhood Should You Live In?

Find your favorite honky tonk, tune up your two-step and take this quiz to find out which Nashville neighborhood you
City Roundup | 09.26.2018

Detroit is More Expensive Than Seattle (And Other Rental Affordability Surprises)

Don't believe us? Check out the findings from our research that compares the average renter's income to median rent.
City Roundup | 07.23.2018

Which Orlando Neighborhood Should You Live In?

Searching for a new home in the Sunshine State, but don't know where to start? Take our simple quiz to
Boston | 06.22.2018

Which Boston Neighborhood Should You Live In?

Looking to call Beantown home? Take this quiz to see which Boston neighborhood you should live in.
Atlanta | 06.06.2018

Which Atlanta Neighborhood Should You Live In?

Looking for the perfect place in ATL to call home? Take our quiz to determine which Atlanta neighborhood you should
City Roundup | 03.27.2018

5 Cities Where Studio Apartments Don’t Come Cheap

Hoping to live in a world-class American city? If you want to live without a roommate, get ready to shell