New York City

New York City | 10.12.2017

Seven Scary Movies Set in Apartments

Suburbia, sprawling estates and sleep-away camps certainly have scary-movie street cred, but apartment buildings have also held iconic roles in
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Rent Stabilization: What Is It?

You’ve likely heard the terms “rent control,” “rent controlled apartment” or even “rent stabilized apartments” thrown around in television shows
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Inside America’s Most Expensive Apartments

Dropping millions upon millions of dollars for an apartment probably isn’t the most realistic of things, but aren’t you curious
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Select New York City Apartment Rental Prices Drop

Is the New York City apartment market getting less expensive? Sounds too good to be true, right? Good news: this
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Rental Rates Dropping for Manhattan Apartments

New York may have a certain reputation for being on the more expensive side when it comes to renting an
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Lavish Celebrity Apartments

Hollywood stars are known to purchase massive mansions, personal islands and penthouse suites with a butler and oceanfront view, but
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New York City Neighborhood Guide for Families

Throughout the past half a century, many Americans equated family life with suburban living. However, many of today’s new parents–those