Climate-Controlled Storage Considerations for Your Extra Stuff

Some apartment communities offer climate-controlled storage to residents, and some don’t. You might be one of the many renters that use an off-site unit to keep large or seasonal belongings safe when you don’t need them. Those closed-off areas heat up quickly, which could make your possessions break down.

Check out a few climate control considerations you can take this summer with your storage unit. These tips anyone can use to protect their belongings until the first fall breeze cools everything down.

climate controlled storage

1. Review your storage items

Most of the people who rent an apartment or condo live in a small space. They won’t always have room in closets for things like their annual Christmas tree or Halloween decorations. They may need to store furniture that’s been passed down from a relative or has been broken.

The majority of household goods will maintain their quality even if they aren’t in climate-controlled storage. Take care to check on anything vintage, though, as age may make them more susceptible to extreme temperatures.

2. Remove any alcohol

It’s tempting to store alcohol in your storage unit, but that could ruin it before you get the chance to enjoy it. Wine is especially vulnerable to fluctuating temperatures, which is why it should stay somewhere cool and reliable like a wine cellar. Hot air causes corks to expand and contract, allowing air to seep into wine bottles and ruin the contents with excess oxygen.

3. Check for photographs

Photographs are some of the most common items found in storage units. You may have some in old shoeboxes from generations past, but humidity caused by summer weather will destroy them.

If you know you need extra room for photos, climate-controlled storage will moderate and minimize the moisture in your unit. Pictures wouldn’t be at risk of cracking and deterioration in any season.


4. Evaluate all collectibles

Many people collect things like coins. You may think they’re safe in your storage unit over the summer, but even something made of metal could be in danger. Extreme heat and summer humidity trigger the oxidation process that ruins metals, like coins, bikes or vintage belongings.

The best thing to do may be to focus on air conditioning your collections. Bringing down the temperature could solve your preservation issues, which doesn’t always come with climate-controlled storage. Some units only control humidity, and others focus on temperature. See what the best options are closest to where you live.

5. Move medical supplies

It’s smarter than ever to store medical supplies and medications in case you need them in the future. You might want to put these in your storage units but take some precautions. If it isn’t climate-controlled, humidity could ruin bandages and heat can make medicine ineffective. Talk with your doctor if you think any current prescriptions have been affected by the temperature of your storage unit, as the weather has changed over the last few weeks.

Research your climate-controlled storage options

Climate-controlled storage is an excellent way to keep everything you love safe during the summer. Research what you have in your unit to discover if it can deal with the heat or if it needs air conditioning and humidity monitoring.

Once you learn about your storage needs, you can find the best unit and enjoy your summer without worrying about what you’ve put away.

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