Colleges in Minneapolis are surrounded by historic buildings, excellent shopping, mouth watering dining experiences and breathtaking lakes located near the downtown area. It’s no wonder why students gravitate toward the Twin Cities to complete their college education. But there’s nothing more disappointing than putting all of your money toward living expenses. If you’re looking to spend less money on rent and more on food, drinks and entertainment, you should think about living closer to campus. On average, students can actually save $28 per person each month by making the move.

University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

This public institution, founded in 1851, spans 1,204 acres. Minneapolis and St. Paul, known as the Twin Cities, offer endless opportunities for entertainment. Unfortunately with the cost of tuition, books and monthly rent, it’s hard to find the cash to be able to afford those fun activities. Luckily, students looking to rent near University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, can choose to live wherever their college experience takes them. On average, it costs about $38 per person per month less to live closer to campus. That translates to about 12 slices of pizza from Mesa Pizza, ranked #1 on the “Top 10 Pizza Restaurants” in Minneapolis list by Foursquare–that should last you a couple of nights of studying. What college student doesn’t love cheap pizza?

Capella University

This accredited online university is popular for students of all ages. But if you’re looking to save money on rent, it’s recommended that you look for a Minneapolis apartment close to campus–doing so will help you save on living expenses. In fact, students attending this college can end up with about $39 bucks more a month in their pockets by having an additional roommate. Splitting the costs can add up to about six Skinny Gingers–the signature whiskey and ginger ale cocktail from The Local, ranked the #3 on the “Top 10 Pubs” in Minneapolis list by Foursquare. So head to the pub and celebrate having more green in your pocket per month with your favorite beverage. Or you could take that money and put it toward touring the city of Minneapolis. Immerse yourself in the town’s culture at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts or explore your nautical side at the Chain of Lakes, where you can rent a boat and enjoy the waters, or head to Lake Harriet to listen to live music every night during the summer.