Common Arguments for Couples and How to Deal

Even in the most perfect of relationships, there’s bound to be a few arguments that surface here and there. After all, a little bit of bickering is healthy. But nobody said those fights are fun. The good news is, all couples go through this, and many argue about the same things. There’s always a way to come out on the other side of things happier and stronger as a couple. Here are the most common roadblocks couples face and the best ways to deal with them:

Argument: Being a Slob

Living together can create a few different arguments among couples. For instance, you don’t truly know someone’s habits until you live with them. And unfortunately, some discover that their significant other can be quite a bit of a slob. This prompts many disagreements, especially if one half of the couple is a clean freak. But don’t stress out just yet–you and your slob can live in peace. There are a few ways to deal with this common source of tension:

Determine clean and messy zones: Give your partner some leeway with their cleaning habits by offering them a space that is entirely their own where they can let things pile up for a while. The key is to have a time limit for these messy areas–add an alarm to their smartphone that reminds them when to clean so that it doesn’t create another argument.

Communicate: There’s a way to ask your significant other to clean up without sounding negative and causing conflict. You don’t want to insult them. Instead, talk to them about working out a system so they don’t feel as if they’re being attacked.

Argument: The Ex

The issue of exes seems to surface in every relationship. Some people like to keep in touch with their ex-significant others and retain a friendly relationship. This, of course, can create problems if the other person tends to foster feelings of jealousy.

Know that the past is the past: Just like you have a history with other people, so does your partner. If you think your partner is crossing a line with their ex and you’re uncomfortable with it, talk to them. Get your feelings out in the open. There’s no use bottling them up and only hoping that the situation improves. Overall, you and your partner should always prioritize your own feelings before any ex-significant others.

Argument: Religion

Many couples get serious without realizing that they haven’t discussed one of the most common sources of turmoil in relationships: religion. Make sure you are on the same page as far as what you both want out of your spirituality. Sometimes, one person is so committed to their beliefs that it isn’t an area they’re willing to compromise on.

Be open minded: Sometimes people turn away from certain religions because they don’t know anything about them. The best thing you can do is to expose yourself to your partner’s religious practices. You don’t have to make any promises–simply learn about it. Then you can make a more informed decision as to whether a certain faith is something you’re willing to take on or not. Be sure to communicate your feelings to your other half along the way.

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