Common Heating Mistakes That Can Spike Your Bill

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01.16.2014 | 1 Minute Read | By Rent Editorial Team


Winter weather has hit hard this year and that means more time will be spent snuggled up in your apartment. However, if you are merely cranking the heat to keep warm, you could see a spike in your electric bill. Check out these three common heating mistakes and what you can to do save:

Save Money While You Sleep

Lowering the thermostat when you’re getting ready for bed will not only reduce your bill, but according to The National Sleep Foundation, you will also sleep better in a cooler room. Keep warm with extra blankets and cozy pajamas.

Convection vs. Radiant Space Heater

While you may assume that all space heaters are alike, the wrong heater for your needs could end up costing you in the long run. There are two kinds of space heaters, explains the Washington Post. Convection heaters are efficient but will take longer to warm a room. Radiant heaters glow hot and give a small space heat quickly, but they are not the most efficient for frequent use.

If the room you are attempting to heat has insufficient ductwork, an oil-filled radiator might be a good choice. However, it will take some time for the oil to heat up and may use more electricity than you would like. A radiant space heater will heat up a space quickly but uses electricity continually as it glows or blows out warm air, so long-term use is not as efficient.

Bigger Does Not Mean Better

A bigger HVAC unit does not necessarily mean it will work more efficiently. It is best to have the right size unit for your apartment. This Old House explains that an oversize unit cycles on and off more frequently, so parts wear out faster.

If you have concerns about your HVAC unit, set up a time to chat with your landlord. Ask if they do annual HVAC tune-ups as well, as these can help reduce your bill and keep the equipment running efficiently.

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