Cooking Tips from Celebrity Chefs

Don’t you wish you could whip up a meal like Bobby Flay or Michael Symon? So do I. They make it look so easy on television. But believe it or not, you’re completely capable of creating a gourmet meal as well. You just need the proper guidance. If you’re looking to sharpen your cooking skills in the kitchen, how about taking advice from the pros? Here are some of the top cooking tips from the best celebrity chefs around:

Save the Pasta Water

If you’re anything like me, pasta is a go-to dish to make during the week. It’s easy and delicious. Take your pasta skills up a notch by listening to cooking tips from American chef and restaurateur Michael Symon. You may also see him on TV from time to time on shows like “The Chew,” “Iron Chef America,” “The Next Iron Chef” and “Dinner: Impossible.” He advises keeping a bit of that water in your pasta instead of pouring it down the sink. Why? It can be transformed into a tasty sauce using a bit of butter, olive oil, parmesan and fresh herbs.

Organize Your Refrigerator Door

Alex Guarnaschelli, star of the Food Network’s “Alex’s Day Off” and frequent judge on “Chopped,” takes advantage of her refrigerator door when cooking. She organizes all of her condiments on different shelves so that they’re easy to find when she needs them. If she wants to contribute a bit of saltiness to her dish, instead of scouring her kitchen for the perfect condiment, she knows right where to look.

Opt For Nonfat Yogurt Instead of Sour Cream

Sour cream is the perfect topping for everything from soups to tacos. But it certainly isn’t light on the fat and calories. Ellie Krieger, host of the Food Network’s “Healthy Appetite,” suggests throwing out that sour cream and instead using nonfat yogurt. You’ll still get that cool creamy taste that you’re after, but without all of the fat and calories. Plus it has double the calcium!

Flavor with Lemon Juice

When you’re looking for something to season your dishes with, it’s normal to grab the salt and pepper. But you can create delicious meals without all of the added sodium by using spices and herbs as well as citrus fruits. Giada De Laurentiis, host of the Food Network’s “Giada at Home” and “The Next Food Network Star,” says that lemon juice is always in her kitchen. She uses it to flavor everything from chicken to fish.


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