5 Ways to Create Easy Feng Shui for Your Apartment

Utilizing a little feng shui in your new apartment can help ease that transition and make your new home as comfortable as a day spa.

Clear the clutter

clear clutter

One of the fastest ways to bring good feng shui into your apartment is to get rid of clutter. In feng shui, clutter is considered to represent postponed decisions and the inability to move on. By getting rid of unnecessary clutter, you are honoring your home and creating more space for other apartment decor.

Add real plants

apartment plants

Not only do plants help clean the air in your apartment, but green plants have their own healing energy. Avoid the bedroom, but there are plenty of other locations around your apartment – even if you have a studio – where you can place plants to help create great feng shui in your new place.

Clean glass and mirrors

natural light

Glass represents the eyes and mouths of people living in that home. Keeping all glass, windows and mirrors clean is key in feng shui decorating. Anything that helps to maximize light and reflection helps to increase energy and the feeling of “lightness” around your home.

Separate work and home

While it’s totally ok to have a workspace at home, it’s important to keep the two separate. Try to keep your workspace away from your bedroom. Keeping the bedroom for rest and relaxation is necessary for feng shui in your new apartment. If you have to have your workspace in your bedroom, invest in a good room divider to create two unique spaces.

Personalize it!

personal space

At the most base level, feng shui means that you truly feel comfortable and at ease in your living space. Filling your space with artwork, quotes and colors that inspire and motivate you will encourage good energy and feelings in your apartment.

Every apartment is different, but a little feng shui can go a long way towards making it feel like home. Incorporate a few principles of feng shui to make your new apartment a harmonious place to be.

Photo by Kinga Cichewicz on Unsplash

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