Although generic plastic bins and traditional shoe racks are great ways for getting organized at home, we always enjoy creative alternatives to help de-clutter your apartment and minimize the time that you spend organizing each week. Below, we have compiled a list of creative ways to get organized and minimize your daily encounters with clutter, regardless of how little space you have available.

Creative Organization Tips:

  • Hooked on Hooks: Hooks can be extremely useful and lend a new, inexpensive twist to creative apartment decor. Use hooks to hang mugs for a more space-efficient cabinet in the kitchen or place a mini hook cabinet or hook rack near your front door for your keys. You can purchase affordable towel hooks as an alternative to racks in the bathroom. Sticky removable hooks can even be used to hang your jewelry behind the closet door! Not only can hooks keep your jewelry organized and untangled, it will also give the inside of your door a mini fashion makeover!
  • Innovative Jars and Tin Cans: Empty food jars and tin cans are great items to help organize and store just about anything in your home. Fill reusable Mason jars with goodies like dry ingredients, buttons, cotton swabs or yarn, or even re-purpose them as picture frames! Unused paint cans or even tin cans can creatively be used to hold pens, hair and safety pins or loose change.
  • Electronic Drifters: Create a charging drawer to keep all your electrical chargers in one spot, while also hiding any loose wires. Attach Velcro to remote controllers and the side of cabinets, walls or electronic devices to keep everything in place. This way, you’ll remember to “stick” them back in place to help reduce the time you spend searching for your must-have items on a daily basis.
  • Divide and Conquer: One of the easiest ways to keep your drawers organized is through the use of dividers. Purchase budget-friendly dividers for your jewelry, socks, kitchen utensils and beauty tools. For a more artistic feel, place pretty teacups and saucers in a drawer to separate and hold your belongings. Save egg cartons for a frugal way to separate earrings, buttons or ribbon for present wrapping.
  • Multifunctional Beds: If you’re short on space, consider purchasing a loft bed, day bed or futon as a means to maximize floor space while utilizing its multifunctional features. Storage bed frames are smart investments that are sleek and functional, allowing you to store clothes, extra bedding or linens beneath them. You can also stash away your bulky winter clothes that seem to always take up 99 percent of your closet space (an idea we love for NYC inhabitants!)

Start by taking some time to assess your apartment and determine where you’d like to begin. You’ll likely already have many of these organizing options available, so take a hard look at items that can be re-purposed before you go out and buy something new. If you have any great creative ways to get and stay organized, please share them with us!

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