There are several challenges to living in a small space, and often if you are renting, space may be an issue. Our first home was a cozy townhouse–and by cozy, I mean tiny.

Storage Solutions Small Space

By the time our second child was born, we had to start getting really creative with how we stored our belongings. (Or really, how we hid our junk, let’s be honest!)

[How to Organize A Small Apartment]

Today I’m sharing some creative storage solutions for small spaces, and I hope you will find some of these ideas helpful as you search for ways to cut the clutter and stash your stuff out of sight.

Storage Solutions: Bins and Cubbies

Bins or cubbies are a great way to organize closets, and often the lower half of the closet either goes unused and becomes wasted space, or tends to invite piles of clothes or shoes. Why not have a neat system to conceal clutter instead? Handmade labels add a nice touch and make it easy to find what you’re looking for.

closet-cubbiesVia Boxy Colonial

Storage Solutions: DIY Wall Shelves

Turn boxes, baskets or crates into wall shelves. This saves space, and is a great way to stylishly display your belongings while keeping your space clutter-free. This idea is especially great for books or magazines.

metal basket shelving 3Via Rain on a Tin Roof

gold-pipe-industrial-rail-storage-system-upcycledtreasuresVia Upcycled Treasures

Storage Solutions: Upcycle Boxes

For a budget-friendly, DIY storage solution for just about anything, cover a diaper box (or any other cardboard box you have lying around) with pretty fabric. Why not upcycle those boxes into something useful instead of throwing them out?

fabric-covered-diaper-box-1024x793Via DIY on the Cheap

I know that storage is a common concern in small homes, particularly rental homes where you can’t add built-in storage or other more permanent options. Ultimately, living in a small space doesn’t have to feel cluttered.

[Closet Organization Tips for Maximize Space]

These are just a few ideas that can help get you headed in the right direction, and they show that with a little imagination you can turn something unexpected into the perfect storage solution!



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