Deck Your Halls with These DIY Christmas Decorations

Spread the cheer one piece of holiday decor at a time with these DIY Christmas decorations.

1. Popsicle stick snowflakes

popsicle stick snowflakes

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These can be completely custom made to fit your space in size, color and pattern. Grab some popsicle sticks, a hot glue gun and paint.

Arrange your popsicle sticks into a snowflake design and glue them together wherever necessary. Once the glue is dry, paint your snowflakes with different colors and designs. Hang them on the wall or door, or glue a loop of ribbon to a small snowflake and use it as an ornament.

2. Pool noodle candy cane

pool noodle candy cane

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Simply decorate the pool noodle by painting or gluing ribbons for the stripes. Bend the top third of the noodle into a half circle. Using fishing line, tie the bent parts of the noodle to each other.

These can be used both indoors and outdoors. By inserting PVC pipe into the bottom end, you can even turn a it into a free-standing lawn decoration.

3. String trees

string trees

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You’ll need some kind of string (yarn, twine, embroidery floss, etc.), liquid school glue, paper and plastic wrap. Using a piece of paper, make a cone and hold it together with glue. Once the glue is dry, cover the cone in plastic wrap.

Mix one part school glue with one part water in a bowl. Dip some of string into the glue mixture and gently squeeze off the excess with your fingers. Starting at the top of the cone, wrap the damp string around the cone. Continue repeating this process until the cone is covered to your liking. Leave it to dry for 24 hours.

Once dry, carefully remove the cone and plastic wrap. Decorate with beads, gems, paint or whatever else you fancy. If you’d like, you can place an LED tea light underneath for a fun lighting effect.

4. Plastic cup snowman

plastic cup snowman

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Using a hot glue gun, secure the sides of plastic cups together, open end out, to create a round cup wreath. Continue stacking and gluing cups on top of each other until they meet at the top to form a sphere.

Repeat the process a second time on top of the first sphere. Decorate your snowman as you like and set the snowman over a light. Keep in mind that the bigger the cups you use, the bigger your snowman will be.

To make the head smaller than the body, use a smaller size of cup. You can go bigger by adding a third, fourth or even fifth sphere for a giant snowman.

5. Ribbon lights garland

ribbon lights garland

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This simple project requires only ribbon and a string of lights. Choose ribbons of various colors and patterns and cut them into eight-inch strips. Tie them in knots around the string of lights – you should only have to tie it once.

You can do a double knot if you’d like, just cut the ribbons to nine or 10 inches long instead of eight. Hang the lights up anywhere you want to invite the Christmas spirit!

Header Photo by Roman Kraft on Unsplash
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