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Unless you rent a really large home, chances are good that you’ve often thought how nice it would be to have more space to live in. You could always upgrade to a larger space, but a simpler and more budget-friendly way to fix this problem is to declutter by getting rid of some of your possessions. It’s amazing how much more spacious your current place can feel once you give some things the boot!

[How to Declutter Before a Move]

Plus, odds are good that you can make some money off of your clutter if you know where to sell it. Ready to declutter and unload your stuff? Here are some great places you can exchange clutter for cash.

Declutter and Earn Cash


If you have a cell phone or tablet you’re not using, you should try ecoATM, a kiosk that pays you for gently used mobile devices. Even if there’s not a market for your item, they’ll still accept it (without pay) for recycling. You can recycle your chargers there as well.

Click here to find an ecoATM location near you.


People won’t want to go through the hassle of arranging a pickup time and location for a $10 picture frame, but if you’ve got big things like furniture, baby gear, or exercise equipment, Craigslist is the place to go.

Take a picture in good lighting, add a clear description with pricing, and you’ll stand out from the crowd of poorly-written, picture-less listings.

Make a Sign

This seems like a very low-tech option for today’s world, but it can work really well, especially if you have a large item. Post a sign on your complex’s bulletin board, or make a large sign and post it by the nearest road intersection. (Check to see if there are regulations about this, of course!)

A physical sign will bring very local buyers, which is an advantage if you’re selling something that’s difficult to transport long distances. As with craigslist, this method works best when the item is fairly valuable.

Put the Word Out

Let friends know what you’re selling. Instead of trying to sell directly to them, say something like, “I’ve got a twin mattress I’m looking to sell. Let me know if you hear of someone who’s in the market.”  That way they won’t feel pressured to buy, and you’ll expand your reach to your friend’s friends.

If you have too many books, music, or movies, is a great way to sell them. is an eBay subsidiary, but the selling process is far simpler: You don’t have to take your own pictures, takes care of accepting all the payments, and since it’s not an auction-format site, you can simply set your price and wait for someone to buy your item.

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You can even print a media mail label right through’s site, which makes shipping a breeze. This is a great way to get rid of college textbooks, especially if they’re recent editions.


This warrants last place on the list because it’s probably the most time-consuming method of selling. You have to create your own listing on eBay, arrange payments, and box and ship your item. Plus, if your item doesn’t sell before the auction ends, you’ll have to re-list it.

However, if you have small, shippable items that aren’t simple to sell on a site like, eBay could work for you. Selling on eBay is also perfect for items that have a niche audience that’s hard to reach locally.

Research your item to see if it’s worth selling (search for it on eBay and view the completed listings), and make your listing stand out with a well-lit picture, a clear description, and affordable shipping options.


It’s time to declutter—go find some things to sell! Your home will feel larger and you just might decide you don’t need to upsize after all.


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