Decor You Shouldn’t Have In Your Room After Graduating College

Think back on your college dorm room. How was it decorated? Maybe you had bright colored lights wrapped around your bed frame, a plastic storage container (with wheels) for your nightstand and a display of slightly bent and ripped posters that showcased your interests.

In college, those items were completely acceptable. But once you’ve been handed that diploma and moved into your first apartment after graduating, it’s time to switch things up. Here are a few things you should no longer have after college:

A Futon


Lets face it: Futons are made for college students. Have you ever woken up from sleeping on a futon and been like “Man, I slept great!” Probably not. Instead, your back and neck seem to have a crick that you can’t manage to get out.

Sure, a futon might be an inexpensive option for your apartment, which can no doubt be appealing, but it’s time to invest in a solid mattress and bed frame. College graduation is quite the feat, so treat yourself to a new bed as a reward. Your back will thank you, and you’ll be getting much better sleep at night.

Plastic Furniture

Those stackable plastic drawers sure were a great buy back in college. I used them to organize my school supplies and other miscellaneous items. You might be tempted to buy this temporary furniture again for your apartment, but it’s time to start investing in pieces that you’ll actually want to keep.

Even if you’re not sure how long you’ll be in your current apartment, you can still take things like nightstands and coffee tables with you if you do end up moving. People tend to wait for a place they know they’ll be living in for the long haul until they really start decorating. But why wait?

After graduating, avoid buying those plastic storage units and $20 side tables– they’ll only cheapen the look of your apartment. Instead, search for high-quality pieces that might be on sale or check out some thrift stores for used furniture.

Plastic Dinnerware


While we’re discussing the idea of plastic, let’s talk about plastic dish ware. The only two times that are acceptable to use plastic cups and plates are 1) if you’re 4-years old or 2) if you’re in college. Otherwise, toss the plastic dish ware and invest in a set of regular glass plates and bowls. Nothing ruins a classy place setting for your housewarming dinner party like neon green plastic plates.

Anything with College Logos


When you’re in the midst of your college career, you might have been tempted to buy an alarm clock, inflatable chair, posters, jerseys, etc., all with your college logo printed on them. To prevent your new apartment from resembling the living room of a frat house, I recommend you donate these items, or at least put them into storage where they won’t be easily seen after college.

You don’t have to lose touch with your college fandom, but your interior decorating style probably should. You can pull out the college gear on gameday, but after that, put it away.

Papasan Chairs


You may not have heard the term papasan chair, but I assure you, you know what it is. These chairs are shaped like bowls and can be easily tucked into the corner of any room. Pretty much every dorm room I saw in college had one of those babies somewhere, including mine. The funny thing was, I never actually sat on them. They were really awkward looking and feeling.

There’s a reason why sophisticated locations like high-end apartments, condos and offices don’t have this seating option. My old papasan chair from college is now located in my old room at my parents house and doubles as my cat’s bed. At least it’s getting some use now.

Posters Without Frames


Posters are completely acceptable for your new apartment, but only if they have a frame surrounding them. Frames turn posters into artwork and help the piece appear more polished. When you tape a poster directly to the wall, the edges and corners tend to bend, curl and rip, which just looks sloppy.

Also, make sure you’re choosing posters that match the style and color scheme of the room you’ll be hanging them in. After all, a Bob Marley poster probably won’t go well with your Asian-inspired apartment theme.

Cheap Bedding


I remember going shopping with my mom for my freshman dorm room and picking out decorative bedding that had been shoved into a plastic bag. That may have been been enough back then, but it might be time to switch up that pink zebra bedding set for something a bit more versatile.

As I’ve moved from apartment to apartment, I’ve figured out that I like to change up my decorating style quite often. That’s why I invested in a plain white comforter. I used to have a white comforter with blue polka dots, but that didn’t always match everything. With a set of high-quality white sheets, I can hang any artwork and area rugs and I know they’ll match.

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