Decorate Your Apartment with Posters: It’s Easy, Creative and Cost Effective!

Once you’ve secured the perfect pad (using, of course!), you’ll face a costly next step: apartment decorating. Even for those renters who are crunched for space, plenty of potential rent money can be put toward apartment decor items, which may leave you strapped for cash on the first of the month.

Instead of stressing about purchasing expensive wall paintings and artwork, why not try a good old decorative trick used in college? If you’re a recent graduate moving into your first place, bring your dorm room posters with you!

It’s easy to frame a poster of your favorite sports team, movie or quote for a classier look, while saving money on expensive artwork. Using these tips from, you can make posters an easy, cost-effective and creative way to decorate your apartment:

Pick a Theme

If you’re fortunate enough to have a large living area in your apartment (lucky you), you can use posters to build a theme within that room. For example, choose a sports theme, and hang posters that exclusively portray images of sports stadiums or famous athletes like Muhammad Ali.

The best part is that such a theme (which can be centered around anything, really) is inexpensive! You can get all the posters you need for about $28. Isn’t apartment decorating fun?

Can’t decide on a theme idea? Try vintage posters, film icons, scientific catalog images or famous album covers. Or, you can start by finding one picture you love, then buy more that are similar.

Keep it Light

Because many apartments lack some amenities, posters can be used as a replacement that will show you have a sense of humor about your digs. Buying a fireplace poster is probably easier than asking your landlord to install one in your apartment. Plus, your friends will get a kick out of it!

Or, motivate yourself to save money for a vacation by looking at a poster recreation of a sunrise on the beach as you wake up in the morning.

Frame Posters (or Don’t)

You might have been in college recently, but it’s time to graduate from hanging posters, to hanging posters inside of frames. In fact, placing your giant print in a frame ups the classy factor from like one to 10!

Solid black, simple frames look great with just about any poster, though you can always look for other types. Check out thrift stores to find affordable frames – consider restaining or repainting the ones you buy.

Department stores also carry inexpensive frames made of plastic – these are cost effective and still look nice.

Of course, purchasing frames can get pricey (if you buy outside of our suggestions), but you can decorate with taste and remain in your budget. Consider using a giant clip to hold up your poster – it looks like a deliberate rustic design choice and is totally cost effective. You can also install a string across your wall and hang your poster and clip combo onto that.

Enlist a Shelf

If you have an empty mantlepiece or shelf, cover it with framed posters. Decorating your space this way can be creative and modern. Not to mention, you won’t leave any holes in your wall! Your landlord will love that.

Of course, you can’t really lean a poster against a wall if they aren’t framed. To pull off the decorated shelf look, you’ll have to invest in frames.

Go Gallery

If you have a large empty wall, it’s going to waste without any decoration! Gather all your favorite posters (as long as they live in the same color scheme) and arrange them on this blank canvas of a space.

You can hang the posters however you want. If they’re all the same size, we recommend going with a grid or linear design. Furthermore, a gallery wall works great if you picked a theme. Hang all your vintage movie posters in a row for a gallery wall that tells a story.

Match Your Design Style

Is your apartment decor all modern? Consider getting posters that feature typography. No matter what design style your decor lives in, your posters should be on the same page.

Stick to the Color Palette

No matter what theme, style or posters you select, the colors in the images should match the rest of your decor. Do you have a blue couch and beige rug? Find posters that also feature those colors.

If you had the posters before your furniture, you can pull colors from the photo. For example, an image that features teal and orange might cause you to decorate in the same palette. You can get a grey sofa and cover it with teal and orange pillows.

Until you begin to make the big bucks in your career and can afford your dream penthouse apartment, decorating with posters can be a great way to save money and add a personal and fun flair to your apartment walls.

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