Decorating a Coffee Table

When revamping your living room decor, decorating a coffee table is probably the last thing on your mind: There are throw pillows to choose and paintings to hang! But like the mantle of a fireplace, coffee tables are often at the center of the room and have an important role to play in tying your living room decor together. Rather than using it as a permanent storage area for your collection of television remotes and old magazines, clear the clutter and put a little thought into how to decorate your coffee table. By using a few design principles and a little creativity, you’ll have the most stylish coffee table in town.

Use a Throw

If you’re worried about scratches or water rings showing up from guests who just can’t seem to master the concept of using a coaster, using a throw as a coffee table covering can be a chic option. Choose a simple design that jives with your living room decor, and you’ll not only tie the room together, but also protect your table from unwanted stains so you can finally relax during your next dinner party. You don’t even have to purchase a throw–just grab a pashmina from your closet!

Follow the Magic Formula

Have you ever wondered how the living room decor in furniture catalogs looks so picture-perfect? Well, to begin with, they follow a magic formula when decorating a coffee table. You don’t want to clutter the top with so many things that it looks disorganized, but leave it bare and the room will look unfinished. Begin by finding something tall, such as a unique vase or antique candlesticks. Next, pull your favorite kitschy item from somewhere in your apartment–it can be anything from some coral you found on your last vacation to an hourglass you discovered at the local flea market. Follow it up with some flowers or a plant and a small stack of books–they call them coffee table books for a reason.

Don’t Forget the Bottom

Many coffee tables come equipped with a lower shelf that is often neglected. While it can be a cozy space for kitties to curl up, the shelf underneath your coffee table needs a little decoration as well. It’s the perfect place for keeping stacks of extra coffee table books or a small basket in which to stash your remotes. Don’t fill the surface completely–you still need somewhere to rest your feet–but a little creative decorating will help complete the look of your living room.

Mix Textures and Colors

Who ever said that decorating a coffee table had to be boring? This will likely be the least permanent of the decisions you make while constructing your living room decor, so don’t be afraid to experiment. Play with a variety of shapes, textures and colors as you decide what to display on your coffee table, and think about pairing opposites. For example, modern and antique knick-knacks sometimes complement each other beautifully. It’s all about unleashing your personal style!

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