25 Denver Facts That All Locals Know to Be True

If you’ve ever signed a lease in Denver, you know what it’s like to plant roots in the Mile High City. You understand the city’s appreciation for quality craft beer, you spend all your free time outside, you care about recycling and you root for the Broncos.

Don’t try to argue with someone from Colorado about these Denver facts

1. Denver isn’t necessarily bohemian or grungy, but its people have certainly embraced an outdoorsy, yoga-in-the-park culture.

2. It’s big on its breweries. Each year, the city hosts several beer festivals, plus Beer Week: the largest beer competition in the nation.

3. If you plan to ski on the weekends, expect to sit in traffic for at least two hours —and that’s before you even try to park at a ski resort.

4. Locals love their parks, and it’s not uncommon to see any given park in Denver littered with locals (and their dogs and bikes) on a Saturday or Sunday.

5. Speaking of parks and beer, to initiate as a local you must have a picnic in the park (and that picnic must include some beer).

6. The Mile High City is known for its transplant-friendly attitude — mostly because most locals are transplants themselves.

7. Most of Denver is pretty sheened up with high rises (oh, and Denver has some of the highest rent costs in the country, by the way).

8. Denver and Salt Lake are both mountain cities, but Denver has a hipper, more robust nightlife and downtown than Salt Lake.

9. Denver is no cow town. Between art districts and crystal shops, any remnant of the cowboy vibe (other than bearded bros with banjos) is now long gone.

10. To date successfully in Denver, you need to be outdoorsy and like beer, or be great at pretending you are.

11. Most dating apps in Denver are 90 percent composed of dudes that wear cargo shorts and flip flops who also work at a tech company

12. Those in the 702 keep up on current events and are usually glued to local news apps (and are also passionate about saving planet Earth).

13. Denverites love their Mexican food, and if you head West of the city, you’ll get the best of the best.

14. Denver’s health food scene isn’t quite as dedicated as LA’s, but locals into running, hiking and biking definitely appreciate eating green and clean.

15. Colorado was one of the first states to legalize marijuana, and locals in Denver love their pot.

16. Denver’s population is primarily white working professionals in their 20s and 30s. It’s, uh, not the most diverse town.

17. The city isn’t sketchy. Denver has an especially low crime index for a city its size.

18. The mountains are to the West of Denver, and just about every local uses them to tell where they are at any given time. Instead of “Take a left at Main street,” it’s “head west once you hit Main Street.”

19. Denver’s public transit system is so-so, so if you want to really get around the city, you’ll need two sets of wheels.

20. Right next to drinking beer and taking your dog to a park, hitting up a farmer’s market is another favorite Denver pastime.

21. Denver has some of the most unpredictable weather in Colorado (Trust me on this one).

22. What Denver lacks in its food scene, it makes up for in its underground, grunge, you-heard-it-first-on-SoundCloud music scene.

23. It’s cool to ski or snowboard. Even if you fall on your butt, it’s worth it to post a cool Instagram and pretend to be a ski bum.

24. Between cliff divers and margaritas, it’s a tradition that every local goes to at least one birthday party at Casa Bonita.

25. It’s not uncommon to see drunk people cruising in the fast lane on Birds and Limes between brewery hops — so watch where you drive.

What’d we miss?

If you’re a Denver local, do you agree with our list? What did we miss? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Julia CampbellJulia is a full-time writer, part-time hiking, cooking and yoga enthusiast. She’s a Utah transplant who’s moved too many times to count. When she’s not writing, you can find her at a park with her dog, probably playing fetch.

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