Have you ever wished there was a way to get those tiny, digital snapshots of your life off of Instagram and onto your apartment walls? Well, there is! In fact, there are tons of DIY art projects out there that will help you transform your Instagram masterpieces from something you glance at occasionally on your phone to centerpieces of your apartment decor–and hardly any of them involve the mastery of crafty art supplies like paint or glue.

Instagram Art Collage

For this DIY art project, you’ll need a large, black frame with a white canvas background. Select which Instagram photos you’d like to use (anywhere from 15 to 48, depending upon the size of your frame) and print them out in uniform 2 by 2-inch or 4 by 4-inch sizes. If you don’t want to do it yourself at home, you can order Instagram prints from Persnickity Prints. Next, lay your photos side-by-side on the canvas so they create a rectangle, secure with glue and voila! Beautiful wall art filled with memories for your apartment.

Instagram Clothes Line

This DIY art project requires a bit more creative finesse (and a few things from your tool box). All you’ll need is hanging wire, eye hooks, metal alligator clips, a pencil, a level, and printouts of your favorite Instagram photos. First, decide how many photos you want in each row (and how much space should be between them), and measure the horizontal length. Using a pencil and a level to make sure they’re even, mark the two end points on the wall. Screw the eye hooks into the wall at each marking, thread the wire through and secure. Then, use the alligator clips to hang your photos! You can repeat the process to create several rows for a cool centerpiece for your wall.


If you’re really not into DIY art projects but will want to create you own wall art using Instagram, log onto the website Instacanvas and pay someone to do it for you! You can buy canvas artwork or framed prints of your own photos, or choose from a wide selection of images from other artists. Browse by theme, popularity, or decor and gift ideas. You can even sell your own Instagram photos to fund your DIY art obsession.

Have you done any DIY art projects with your Instragram photos? Send photos to social@rent.com!