14 Thoughtful DIY Christmas Gifts Kids Can Make for Their Parents

Moms and dads love when their kids give them something with which they’ve put a lot of thought and effort. Whether you’re a parent, grandparent, teacher or friend, you’d be lucky to receive one of these DIY Christmas gifts from kids.

1. Framed family names crossword

framed crossword puzzle

Photo courtesy of diys.com

Instead of a normal family tree, you could have a family crossword! Made with Scrabble tiles and a picture frame, this personalized piece of work makes a house feel like a home.

Just glue Scrabble letters onto a board (cardboard works fine) covered in your choice of paper and frame it. Even if your family is still growing, it’s easy to keep adding onto the crossword of names.

2. Painted wooden cooking spoons

painted wooden spoons

Photo courtesy of todaysparent.com

Every time you cook or bake and use one of these wooden spoons, you’ll think of the love that your kids put into making them for you. What’s better than a daily reminder that someone loves you? All you need is acrylic paint and wooden utensils to make these cute one-of-a-kind gifts.

3. Keyboard art

keyboard art

Photo courtesy of paperplateandplane.wordpress.com

It’s easy to get caught up in things and even get down on yourself as a parent. By having a short message in your room or office, you can always remember that your kids are on your side.

The best part is that these messages can be anything – “My mom is the nicest mom in the world,” “You’re the best dad ever,” or even a simple “I love you.”

4. Printed dish towels

printed dish towel

Photo courtesy of toddlerapproved.com

Any time you dry your hands or wipe up a spill, you’ll use a colorful custom-designed hand towel that resembles your kids. These are quick to make and way better than store-bought designs.

5. Clay bowl

clay bowls

Photo courtesy of frogandsnailsandpuppydogtail.com

You’ll find a place for these anywhere at home or at work — holding bobby pins, paper clips, jewelry, etc. Your kids will be satisfied knowing you’re not only looking at their handiwork, but you’re using it each day.

6. Fingerprint magnets

fingerprint magnets

Photo courtesy of rhythmsofplay.com

Replace the boring black magnets on your refrigerator with vibrant ones that feature the fingerprints of the kids. Parents can use these to display their children’s work from school or even art they create at home.

7. Dyed coasters

dyed coasters

Photo courtesy of onelittleproject.com

Display these mini works of art on your coffee table for everyone to see. They’re a great conversation starter and everyone will love that your kids made them just for you.

They’re easy to create and aren’t meant to look perfect, so even the smallest children can make them without much trouble.

8. Custom wood letter

Painted wood letters decorating a book shelf

Photo courtesy of Jo-Lynne Shane

Add a new addition to your office or home decor that reminds you how much your kids love you. The best part is that there are so many options. You can write a note on them or decorate the letter with your parent’s favorite things. All you need is the letter of your choice and decorating material and you’ve got a great Christmas gift for parents.

9. Handprint key chains

Hand print key chain

Photo courtesy of grey house harbor

Replace the old key chain that you’ve had forever with this heartfelt handprint key chain. Although it’s simple to make, it’s super meaningful and fun. All you need is Shrinky Dink paper, some paint and you’re all set.

While you can’t stop time from moving forward, you can look back and think of your small child every time you use these handprint key chains. Each time you go to open your door, you’ll look down and see a tiny hand full of love.

10. Smiley plants

Painted flower pots with fun faces

Photo courtesy of Parents.com

Everyone loves succulents and plants as decorations. While you could buy them at the local garden store in terra cotta pots, it’s a lot cuter and more memorable if you gift tiny succulents in hand-designed pots. You can use any kind of pot or even an empty egg carton.

All you need to do is get some paint and let the children decorate away. Once they’ve designed the pot, work together to plant succulents, and voila, you’ve got yourself a great DIY gift idea for kids. The best part about these plants is that their pots are designed uniquely for you.

11. Spa jar

Homemade spa jar filled with beauty products

Photo courtesy of Parents.com

This spa jar is a great gift that’ll remind you how much your kids appreciate everything you do, even at the end of an extremely long day. It also reminds you that every once in a while, you need to take some time to care for yourself.

Maybe have a girls night and do masks, pedicures and manicures together. You just need to get their favorite things and put them together in a mason jar, and you have a thoughtful, relaxing gift.

12. Nail polish marbled coffee mugs

hand painted marbled coffee mugs

Photo courtesy of DIY Candy

At one point, you may have had a beautiful matching set of china dishes you registered for when you got married. However, as your family grows your matching dishes may diminish and become replaced with DIY mugs. But, that’s OK!

Not only are these mugs adorable, but they’re also really fun and easy to make. With a couple of steps, you can have a great mug that everyone will be asking you where you got it, making it all the more special when you tell them your kids made it for you.

13. Flower art

hammered flower petal art

Photo courtesy of Better Homes & Gardens

What parent doesn’t love getting fresh flowers as a gift? The only downside is they don’t last forever. Well worry no more, with this pressed flower art you never have to worry about that again. Each time you see these hand-pressed flowers that your child picked and flattened, you’ll smile.

14. Potpourri

homemade jar of potpourri

Photo courtesy of Tidbits

Everyone loves a house that smells good. Candles can do the trick, but can also be a safety hazard. So, you can make your house smell delicious year-round with some homemade potpourri.

Pick your parents’ favorite smells and design a custom blend just for them. Not only is it a fun activity, but it’s useful and everyone will enjoy the gift for weeks to come!

DIY Christmas gifts for parents

Getting a beautifully wrapped, expensive gift for the holidays is always nice, but it’s the heartfelt, DIY projects that you’ll remember forever. These DIY gifts for kids are all easy-to-make, fun for the kids and memorable for you for years to come.

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