DIY Halloween Decorations: How to Make Spooky Apothecary Jars

Instead of simply doing without, you can make your own decor that looks just as great but still fits into your budget.

Instead of spending $10-$15 apiece on spooky apothecary jars, why not just make your own? Here's how to make these fun DIY Halloween decorations in no time at all.

What you'll need

  • Various jars or bottles (glass or plastic)
  • Corks or bottle stoppers
  • Black spray paint
  • A few colors of metallic spray paint
  • Paper labels
  • School glue
  • Hot glue gun & sticks

Step 1: Gather up all of your jars and bottles

Use whatever you have on hand, like leftover bottles from wine, salad dressing or even mason jars. Or check out the thrift store for a wider selection of bottles and jars with fun designs. Clean the bottles and let them dry.


Step 2: Layer your paint

Once dry, spray each bottle with a thin coat of black spray paint. Keep in mind that it doesn't need to look perfect. Once that's dry, grab your metallic spray paint (in this case, silver and gold) and do a very light dusting over individual bottles.

The goal is to have some of the black still show through to give it an old, vintage vibe, so hold the can further away than you normally would and spray each bottle sparingly.

You can try out whatever combinations you'd like — multiple colors on the same bottle, doing a light coat of one color over the black or you can even just leave it a plain black. It's up to you!

spray painted jars

Step 3: Create your labels

While you're waiting for the bottle to dry, draw or print some bone-chilling labels and cut them out.

jar labels

Step 4: Glue the good stuff

Once the bottles are dry, brush some school glue onto the back of each label and smooth them out onto each of the bottles.

labels on jars

Step 5: Stop it

Use the hot glue gun to add decorative elements to the corks and bottle stoppers. Anything to your liking, such as spooky, Halloween-related items. Think skulls, spiders, frogs and whatever else you can find.

jar stoppers

Step 6: Cork it up

Put the bottle stoppers into your bottles and that's all! You've got customized one-of-a-kind apothecary jars and only spent a few bucks.

jars on display

Display with pride

In just a few simple steps, you'll have Halloween jars that are quick and easy to make. Decorate your home with one or make a whole set. It's up to you!

Photos courtesy of Morgen Henderson

Morgen Henderson Morgen Henderson is a writer who grew up in Utah. She lived in the Dominican Republic for a year and a half, where she was involved in humanitarian service. Some of Morgen's work has appeared in State of Digital, The Next Scoop and TechPatio. In her free time, she loves to travel, bake, master DIY projects and improve her Spanish skills.

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