If you’re a first time DIYer or are unsure if your skills are up to par, this DIY project is perfect for you! This week we tried our hand at Darby Smart’s Moroccan Tile Coasters ($22), which are functional and decorative—perfect for jazzing up an ordinary end table. Darby Smart is a community of designers that turns projects into DIY kits providing everything you need. Not only can this project be done in under an hour, but it is a cinch.

Follow the instructions as we did or create your own stencils if you are a pro. Either way, these coasters are sure to become a source of compliments from your friends who never knew you could be so crafty!


This DIY project kit comes with four ceramic tiles, reusable Moroccan inspired stencil, gold leaf spray paint, super glue and sealant. All you need to have on hand are scissors and some tape (painter’s tape works best).

DIY Decor - Moroccan Tile Coasters - Supplies


Step 1

Start by gluing around the edge of your cork pieces and (carefully!) adhering them to the bottom side of your ceramic tiles. The cork will prevent your coasters from damaging your surfaces.

 DIY Decor - Moroccan Tile Coasters - Step 1


Step 2

Cut out the stencils from the sheet provided that you want to use for your designs.

DIY Decor - Moroccan Tile Coasters - Step 2


Step 3

Center your stencil onto the tile and then tape down the edges using painter’s tape. Be careful not to get any tape on the stencil design!

DIY Decor - Moroccan Tile Coasters - Step 3


Step 4

Stand directly over your tiles and give them their first coat of spray paint. Keep the  can about 12 inches from the tiles as you spray to prevent paint from dripping and/or getting underneath your stencil. Let the coasters dry for approximately 15 minutes.

DIY Decor - Moroccan Tile Coasters - Step 4


Step 5

Repeat step 4 to give your tiles their final coat of paint. Let them dry approximately 15 minutes.


Step 6

Remove your tape and stencils from the tiles and take a moment to observe your beautiful handiwork! Next, apply the sealant to your dry tiles using the black sponge. This will keep your design looking like new and prevent scratches.

DIY Decor - Moroccan Tile Coasters - Step 6



Now your coasters are ready to hit the tables! Reward yourself with a beverage.

DIY Decor Moroccan Tile Coasters - Complete