DIY Wine Bottle Mummy + 3 More Halloween Wine Bottle Crafts

Halloween is a few weeks away, which means if you haven’t started decorating your apartment for Halloween yet, it’s time! One of our favorite ways to decorate for Halloween is to take typically creepy Halloween themes and give them a cute twist, which is why we’re obsessed with this DIY wine bottle mummy and Halloween wine bottle crafts. Plus, it combines two of our favorite things: crafting and wine. What could be better?

This DIY wine bottle mummy doubles as the perfect Halloween party hostess gift and festive decoration. Not only do you get major points for bringing wine to the party, you’re also helping them decorate! It’s so easy — seriously. All you need is a bottle of wine, googly eyes, and cloth tape. Here’s what to do:

First, glue on the googly eyes. Let them dry before starting the next step. Next, wrap tape around the wine bottle until covered.

DIY Wine Bottle Mummy

We recommend changing the direction of the tape every few wraps so that it doesn’t look too symmetrical. Make sure you leave room for the eyes to show through!

DIY Wine Bottle Mummy

And that’s it! Does it get any easier than that? Oh, and did we mention how cheap it is? You can make this craft for less than $10. Since you’re covering up the label, your friends won’t even know that you bought two buck chuck.

Now, if you aren’t into the mummy decor and want something that will fit in with your already existing fall decor, we have a few more ideas for you. Wine bottle crafts combine three things we all love: drinking wine, recycling and saving money on decor. With the spookiest time of the year quickly approaching, we’ve put together a collection of some of our favorite wine bottle crafts for DIY Halloween decorations.

Halloween Wine Bottle Crafts

Get Your Paint On

Your wine bottles become instant Halloween decor with a coat of paint. Use white, orange and yellow spray paint to create candy corn bottles, or choose a metallic paint for a more sophisticated look. Go vintage by distressing your paint job, or stay classic with some Halloween ghoul faces.

Light ‘Em Up

Create some great ambiance with a wine bottle Halloween decoration that lights up the night. Add some candles to the tops of your painted wine bottles, or fill a bottle with a string of lights.

Dress Your Bottles

If you’re looking for wine bottle crafts that don’t require paint, consider dressing your bottle in a Halloween costume. (Yes, we’re serious.) Make a Halloween-themed wine bag, or have a little more fun with a witch skirt and legs!

These crafts are just as easy, as they are adorable. Now all that’s left is to drink the wine. Enjoy!


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