DIY Wine Cork Pumpkin

This DIY wine cork pumpkin is fast, easy, affordable–and super cute. Even if you have to purchase all of the supplies, you’ll spend no more than $15! Here are the step-by-step instructions to create your own:

Time: 20 minutes + dry time, which will depend on your adhesive. I let mine dry for 24 hours.


  • 30 wine corks (Need help? Host a blind wine tasting party!)

  • Orange paint

  • Paint brush

  • Adhesive

  • Ribbon or string (any color)

  • Serrate knife

  • Decorative ribbon

Step 1: Paint the Corks

I wanted my pumpkin to have some dimension, so I choose three different paints and did some mixing for a total of six shades or orange.

Six Shades of Orange Paint

Paint the tops of 29 corks orange. (The final of the 30 corks will serve as your stem.) White wine corks work best for the pumpkin, especially for lighter shades or orange.

Painting Wine Corks

I broke my wine corks into five groups of five and one group of four to have a good mix of my six shades of paint. Let them dry–which won’t take long because the cork will absorb the paint.

Painted Wine Corks

Variations: Rather than using six shades, you could do less—or even only one shade of orange. You can also choose to paint the entire cork instead of just the top.

Step 2: Glue the Wine Corks Together

Start with the bottom row of 5 wine corks.

Glue first row of wine cork pumpkin

The next row has six; the middle row has seven; fourth row has six and the top row has five. Once the wine corks are glue together, tie a ribbon or string around your pumpkin and allow the adhesive to dry.

Glue together wine cork pumpkin

Variation: I mixed the colored wine corks randomly, but you could also create an ombre.

Step 3: Attach the Stem

Start by using a serrated knife to cut the wine cork in half horizontally. Glue the stem on top of the wine cork pumpkin and allow the adhesive to dry completely.

Glue wine cork stem on pumpkin

I chose the bottom half of a red wine cork for the stem so it would have some color without painting it brown.

Step 4: Add Ribbon

Tie a piece of ribbon around the stem of your pumpkin, I had a great brown leaf ribbon that worked perfectly, but you could use any ribbon you like.

Completed Wine Cork Pumpkin

Step 5: Drink More Wine

We have so many wine cork projects to do, renters!


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DIY Wine Cork Pumpkin Tutorial

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