Downsizing: Should You Get a Storage Unit?

Have you been thinking about downsizing to a smaller apartment? Whether you’re looking to cut costs or just don’t want as much square footage to clean, moving to a small space definitely has its perks. However, if your new apartment is significantly smaller than your current residence, you’ll also have to think about downsizing all of the furniture you’ve collected. While it’s clear that you won’t have space for all of your furniture in your new apartment, the critical question you need to ask yourself is, “Is it worth putting some of my furniture in a storage unit?”

Can You Afford to Rent a Storage Unit?

First things first, can you even afford to rent a storage unit? Downsizing to a smaller apartment will definitely save you some money, but you don’t want that cost to be completely negated by having to make monthly rental payments on a storage unit for your extra furniture. Research different storage companies in your community and price out the cost. Make sure having a storage unit will fit in your budget before you proceed.

Will You be Living in Your New Apartment Long Term?

If you don’t plan on living in a small apartment over the long term, then it may be a good idea to keep some of your furniture in a storage unit. This way, when you move to a larger space, you won’t have to shell out a ton of dough in order to decorate it–you’ll already have everything you need in storage!

Does Any of the Furniture Have Special Meaning?

As you’re deciding whether to hold onto furniture you won’t have space to use, it’s important to think about whether the pieces have special meaning. Although you may not be able to fit your grandmother’s trunk in your studio apartment, it’s not exactly something you want to donate or sell. Paying to keep antiques in storage may be worth the cost.

What Would You Replace if it was Destroyed?

When thinking about what furniture you should put in storage, ask yourself this question: Would you need to replace it if it was destroyed in a fire? If the answer is no (and it’s not a family heirloom), that means you can live without it, and there’s no reason to pay to keep it in a storage unit. Instead, think about donating or selling those pieces of furniture–or even giving them to siblings and friends that have more space.

Can You Sell Any of Your Furniture?

If your decision to downsize is budget related, you may want to consider selling some of your furniture instead of putting it in storage. Holding a garage sale may be a little difficult when living in an apartment, so advertise your furniture on community message boards and similar websites. You can also spread the word through your friends–they may know someone looking for a gently used dining room table.

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