5 Easy DIY Hanukkah Decorations for Your Apartment

The hardest part about making your apartment look lively and festive for the holidays is that it can drain your bank account. It’s expensive to buy all of the beautiful menorahs and dreidels you want, so it’s time to put on your craft pants.

Here are some DIY Hanukkah decorations that can help you save a few bucks.

1. Block menorah

block menorah

Photo courtesy of marthastewart.com

Use 10 identical wooden blocks. In nine of them, drill a hole halfway into each block (make sure the holes are wide enough for a candle to fit).

Use wood glue to secure four blocks with holes on each side of the block without a hole, ensuring that the holes are all facing upward. The last block should be glued directly on top of the center block with the hole facing up.

Paint your blocks however you want and insert the candles. If the holes are too wide, simply use hot glue at the base of each candle to keep it in place. If the holes are a little too small, you can whittle down the base of each candle until they fit.

2. Star of David luminaries

star of david luminaries

Photo courtesy of chaiandhome.com

These can be made usng tin cans of all sizes. Either draw the design or print out an image and tape it to the side of the can. Using a hammer and a nail, pound in the design (it should only take a couple of hits with the hammer to get the nail through the can). Apply a coat or two of spray paint and place a tea light inside each luminary.

3. Star of David wreath

Star of David wreath

Photo courtesy of avenuelifestyle.com

Collect six sticks of similar width and break or cut them to be the same length. Create two triangles using the sticks, securing the points together with hot glue and then wrapping twine to cover the glue.

Place one triangle on top of the other, overlapping in such a way that the points of each triangle are facing opposite directions. Use hot glue to secure the points that are overlapping and wrap with twine.

You can either leave the star as-is or use floral wire and hot glue to secure leaves and flowers to the sticks.

4. Dreidel door hanger

Dreidel door hanger

Photo courtesy of designmegillah.com

Use card stock in your choice of color and follow this template. Paint the Hebrew letters on using a paint pen or just regular paint and a small paintbrush. With a wide ribbon, tie a simple bow. Secure thinner strips of ribbon to the base of the bow and to each dreidel using hot glue.

To secure it to the door, you can either use command strips to hold the hanger in place, or you can hot glue a circle made of wire to the back of the main bow and hang it on a nail or door hook.

5. Dreidel string lights

Dreidel string lights
Photo courtesy of styleathome.com

Using the template, cut out the paper dreidels and punch holes in each side. Decorate them with the Hebrew letters using markers, paint or glitter. Fold the dreidels into shape and glue the sides together.

Using an knife or razor blade, cut a small “x” in the top of each dreidel and insert individual bulbs from a string of lights. If the light bulbs slip out, just use clear tape to hold the paper together around the lightbulb.

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