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09.25.2018 | 2 Minute Read | By Timothy Harris

This fall, gather your family and trade out the pool days and suntans for easy DIY projects to decorate your home. It keeps your space looking festive and provides a ton of fun for your family!

1. Use sticks found around your home to craft cute candles

stick candle

Courtesy: Prudent Penny Pincher Blog

This idea, originally posted on the Prudent Penny Pincher Blog, uses materials easily found right outside your front door!

Find some cheap, plain candles and inexpensive glass jars. Then, dress them up by adding sticks found outdoors. Use a hot glue gun and line the sticks up vertically to completely surround the glass. Make sure the sticks are about the same length and that they are long enough to cover the top of the jar from top to bottom with a bit of overhang at the top. Add the candle and you’re ready to light your fire.

This look is rustic and charming but won’t break the bank. Plus, if you have kids, they’ll have a blast hunting for sticks that are “just right.”

2. Make some a-peel-ing table decor using apples and tea lights

apple candles

Courtesy: Little Green Notebook

What says “fall” more than apples? Even the colors of red, yellow and green give off an autumnal vibe. Use this to your advantage to make some simple candles that work great for a fall dinner party.

Use a melon baller to scoop out the top of an apple. Then, drop in a tea light. These are so easy that you and your family can fill the whole table with them!

This idea was first presented by Jenny of Little Green Notebook. Jenny recommends using lemon juice to keep the apple flesh from browning over time and notes that these single-use votives should be prepared no more than 30 minutes to an hour prior to your event. That being said, Jenny also pointed out that the entire project costs just a few dollars.

3. Create unique pumpkins using mason jar rings

Courtesy: YouTube/The Bride Link

In the last several years, mason jars have made a big splash in the world of decor. But, you probably haven’t thought of using them quite like this.

This craft by The Bride Link uses the rings from mason jar lids to make an artsy “pumpkin.” Simply tie several of the rings together with twine to make the shape of a pumpkin. Place a dowel rod or for some added fall flair, use a cinnamon stick in the middle to act as the stem. Lastly, decorate with burlap fabric or more twine.

This is a great craft to do with children because it’s not overly complicated and leaves lots of room for creativity. Purchase some paint, stickers and other fall-themed odds and ends and let the little ones go wild!

4)  If you love the aroma of fall, try making these cinnamon pinecones

cinnamon pinecones

Courtesy: Where Your Treasure Is

One of the most distinguishable characteristics of the fall season is the smell. To bring that scent to your home, try this DIY cinnamon pine cone project from Where Your Treasure Is.

These pinecones are a great alternative to store bought, artificially-scented pinecones that can actually be quite expensive. Plus, you’ll use pinecones you gather yourself and you can even get the kids involved!

First, the pinecones should be washed. Then, spray them with a mixture of therapeutic grade cinnamon essential oil and water. Toss with fresh cinnamon sticks and place in any arrangement you want. Place the pinecones all over the house to really bring in the feeling of fall.

5)  Fully load your fall decor with this adorable potato-stamp watercolor wall art

potato print

Courtesy: Look What I Made

You might not have considered this, but a regular potato makes a great stamping tool.

This craft by Look What I Made uses potato halves to make leaf-shaped stamps.

Once you’ve cut out several leaf variations into your potato halves, you can use fall colors to stamp leaves onto your canvas or paper using watercolor paint. The tutorial even includes fall-inspired sayings inside the wreath for a truly unique piece of wall art.

If doing this project with young children, it’s important to note you should be the only one handling the knife to cut out the shapes in the potato.

Photo by Bart Heird on Unsplash
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