Ahh, spring. Warm weather is no longer a distant memory or an uncertain future– it’s finally here. Spring is a joyous time of year, when the temperatures become less miserable, the sun shines for longer each day, and wearing a pair of shorts and sandals is a not-so-faraway possibility.

Flowers are blooming and trees and plants are getting greener. We can finally go outside without turning into icicles or stepping into giant snow banks. And just as you embrace this warm season by making adjustments to your wardrobe or giving your apartment a spring clean, you may want to consider a few decorative updates to make your place look and feel lighter and breezier.

Here are some spring decorating ideas for your apartment:

Get Natural

Easy Spring Decorating Ideas for an Updated Look - Get Neutral

Spring is a blooming season, and with all of the beautiful changes happening outside, it can be fun to incorporate them into your decor. Use bright or leafy patterns and fabrics when possible, try incorporating them into throw pillows, tablecloths or hand towels in your kitchen.

You can even brighten up the atmosphere of your apartment by using real plants and flowers. Arrange bud vases with pretty tulips, daisies, or daffodils along your windowsill. Or, buy a flowering hydrangea plant or a pretty green jade plant for your table.

Change Your Window Treatments

Easy Spring Decorating Ideas for an Updated Look - Change Your Window Treatments

If your windows have been covered with layers of heavy drapes and blinds all winter (you know, to try to retain the heat in your apartment), it’s high time to lighten things up in that regard. No need for heavy fabrics or closed blinds!

Opt for lightweight, sheer curtains for the spring and summer. If you want to keep your windows covered (say, if you’re on the first floor) but would like some natural light, you can cover the window with a translucent white curtain. Combine it with bright yellow or green curtains on either side to add some pops of color.

Add a Centerpiece

Easy Spring Decorating Ideas for an Updated Look - Add a Centerpiece

A super cheap and easy upgrade you can make to your living or dining room is to replace your table’s centerpiece (or add one if your coffee or dining-room table is currently empty). This could be a great opportunity to include plants or flowers in your decor– pick up some silk flowers for a centerpiece that will look fresh and spring-like all season!

One great idea for a centerpiece is to fill a decorative tray with small glass bottles or bud vases, with every few bottles containing a single plant or blossom. The collection will look both elegant and whimsical, and you can use either fresh plants or fake ones.

Upgrade Your Duvet

Easy Spring Decorating Ideas for an Updated Look - Upgrade Your Duvet

During winter I pile my bed high with layers upon layers of blankets (partially because I pay for my heat so I prefer to use it as little as possible). If this sounds familiar to you, it may be time to lighten up the load and get your bed prepared for the warm weather to come.

A lightweight blanket (or set of blankets if you’re anything like me) will likely be necessary, and if you have a comforter, you can also easily change your duvet, shams, and throw pillows to complement the season.


Easy Spring Decorating Ideas for an Updated Look - Paint

Painting the walls is, of course, an easy and inexpensive way to upgrade your apartment at any time, so it’s a great idea for embracing springtime with your decor (make sure you get written permission from your landlord). But painting your walls isn’t the only option (especially if your landlord doesn’t allow you to paint).

Check out thrift shops and garage sales near you, and see if anyone has any antique wooden or iron furniture with potential. These pieces can easily be updated with a new coat of bright or white paint and would give your apartment an updated look in no time.

Replace the Bathroom Accessories

Easy Spring Decorating Ideas for an Updated Look - Replace the Bathoom Accessories

You’d be surprised how easy it is to change the entire vibe of a bathroom simply by switching out the shower curtain, mats, and towels. Pick up some matching or complementary pieces in spring colors or prints, and you’ll barely recognize the room when you’re finished.

Decorate With Florals

Easy Spring Decorating Ideas for an Updated Look - Decorate with Florals

As Miranda Priestly of “The Devil Wears Prada” so sarcastically said, “Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking.” But there’s a reason we use these pretty patterns, especially in the warmer seasons. Because they’re lovely, timeless, and get everyone excited for the season!

Update your walls by hanging floral prints around your place. You can even frame pieces of floral wrapping or scrapbook paper for an inexpensive DIY project. Frame two or three different pieces and hang them up together!

Use Light Neutrals

Easy Spring Decorating Ideas for an Updated Look - Use Light Neutrals

Nothing says spring like white, beige, and other light neutrals. That’s why one of the best spring decorating ideas is simply incorporating those hues as much as you can. If you’re looking to create a color scheme, a great way to embody the season is to choose one bright accent shade (like scuba blue or coral) and use light neutrals for everything else– the end result? Chic and charming!

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Easy Spring Decorating Ideas for an Updated Look