10 Entryway Decoration Ideas for Your Home

Apartment living usually means no front porch. So, why not let your personal style act as an enhancement when you open the door?

It’s about shaking things up a bit, according to HGTV’s Decorating Ideas blog. Do so by changing up the look for seasons, holidays and more.

For inspiration, we’ve organized 10 entryway ideas that you can emulate and embrace with your very own style.

1. Mirror magic

mirror magic

Source: HGTV

Mirrors are an interior design trick to help make narrow spaces feel bigger, help to catch light and make a room bright. A well-placed mirror is a simple way to maximize a room’s style.

Use a circular hanging mirror above an entry table. It helps to give a room a sense of dimension and height. Add interesting objects, suggests HGTV, like clear glass jars and signage to reflect in the mirror.

2. Art wall

art wall

Source: Apartment Therapy

Do you have a modest entrance? Turn it into a chic salon-style gallery of sorts, proposes Apartment Therapy. Create an art wall that’s dotted with framed prints, a mirror or personal photos.

Place a low table up against the wall. This is where you can have books or other items you might drop off or pick up on your way in or out. Add a plant or two for a bit of greenery.

3. Fun hues

fun hues

Source: House Beautiful

Amp up the whimsy of your entry with color. Instead of painting the entry wall of your apartment, add fun color through your furniture.

According to House Beautiful, try contrasting, vivacious colors on an heirloom chair and velvet-covered bench. Express yourself in shades of yellow and purple!

4. Fab fall foyer

fall foyer

Source: Bless’er House

Take the space immediately inside your front door and make it call out the season with pumpkin-spice comfort. Blesserhouse.com recommends cozy elements with textures and earthy hues.

Integrate artwork that carries the color theme. Add in woven baskets full of gourds. Find a way to make an impactful first impression on your guests.

5. Classically inspired

classic foyer

Source: The Spruce

Create an entry that speaks to your love of French country-inspired décor, suggests the Spruce.com blog. A vintage dresser is the centerpiece of this look.

Show off a family treasure or go shopping for a piece that you can turn into a DIY project. Add storage with a tray on top and basket below to make grab-and-go easy on your way out the door.

6. Closet redux

closet redux

Source: Good Housekeeping

No true entry? You can create one by ditching the closet door, according to Good Housekeeping. You’ll not only open up the space, but also gain an extra spot to sit.

Just add a cushion to a deep shelf. Make it a storage-worthy spot, too, with hooks and baskets for everyday stuff.

7. Seasonal chalkboard

seasonal chalkboard

Source: Lolly Jane

Use a chalkboard for seasonal fun! It’s a homey touch. Transform and DIY an old frame into a canvas with chalkboard spray paint. Cluster faux pumpkins (or the real deal) for an instant fall entryway with warmth.

8. Winter evergreen

winter evergreen

Source: DigsDigs

When a chill is in the air, your entry can express the holiday season in simple ways. Use oversized evergreen letters and a small bundle of firewood for a winter-inspired space, suggests DigsDigs.

Hang evergreen letters above a comfy bench or console table. Or, hang one lush garland and add plaid bows or string lights.

9. Scandi-chic


Source: The Merrythought

Create a sense of winter with minimal accents and neutral hues. A mini holiday tree is a perfect example of Scandi-chic, according to Merrythought. Add in a few cozy blankets and kraft-paper wrapped gifts. Voila! Your winter motif is set.

10. Boho hipster

Boho hipster

Source: The Spruce

Design a welcome entry to your home that’s also the perfect spot for purses, hats and books. Call it boho hipster!

Add potted foliage for fun. Plop a mirror in the center of a cool wooden dowel rack with leather loops. Place a wicker seat to up the natural appeal. Learn how to DIY the rack at A Pair & A Spare.

Entry decor that’s personal

Even if you have limited square footage, you can still express yourself. Use your entryway as a gateway to your style. While it’s a entry for every day, you can change it according to mood or season.

Then, based on your furnishings and color preferences, have fun! Switch it up with new hues, twinkling lights, foliage, textiles and more.

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