10 Classy Fall Crafts

1. Leaf-Covered Candle Holder

The bloggers at Spark and Chemistry put together these gorgeous autumn leaf covered candle-holders using faux leaves and jars from the dollar store.

10 Classy Fall Crafts - Leaf Candle Holder

Mod-podge the leaves onto the jars, let 'em dry, and you've got a beautiful fall-themed centerpiece for your table. The leaves go on the outside of the jar, so there are no worries about them catching fire. But if you're still nervous, you can always use a battery-powered votive. Find the complete instructions here.

2. Fingerprint Tree

Here's something easy enough for kids, but beautiful enough to hang on your wall! Use your fingers (or your kids' fingers!) and acrylic paint to add fall leaves to a bare tree.

10 Classy Fall Crafts - Fingerprint Tree

You can draw your own tree, or if you're not artistic, here's a beautiful printable tree.

3. Sparkly Leaf Garland

This sparkly leaf garland is a classy way to decorate your home for the fall season. It's fun, it's seasonal, but the sparkles give it just a bit of a grown-up feel.

10 Classy Fall Crafts - Sparkly Leaf Garland

You can use artificial leaves for this project, but real leaves would also work as long as they're not too brittle for hole-punching. Find full instructions here.

4. Book Pumpkin

Find an old book no one will ever want to read again (check your thrift store if you can't give up any of your own books), and turn it into this lovely book pumpkin.

10 Classy Fall Crafts - Sparkly Leaf Garland - Book Pumpkin

Find full instructions here.

5. Painted Acorns

If you're lucky enough to live in an area with acorns, gather some up and make a bowl of these beautiful painted acorns.

10 Classy Fall Crafts - Sparkly Leaf Garland - Painted Acorn

And if you don't have acorns, no worries! You can buy the faux variety right on Amazon. Find full instructions here.

6. Wax-Dipped Leaves

Faux leaves not your thing? Dip the real variety into wax, let them dry, and hang them up for a beautiful, natural decoration. Wax-dipped leaves make excellent window decorations.

10 Classy Fall Crafts - Sparkly Leaf Garland - Wax Dipped Leaves

Find full instructions here.

7. Decoupage Pumpkins

How beautiful are these decoupage pumpkins??

10 Classy Fall Crafts - Decoupage Pumpkins

Or these?

10 Classy Fall Crafts - Decoupage Pumpkins

Find directions for decoupaging pumpkins, plus so many more elegant pumpkin ideas here.

8. Wreath with Felt Flowers

Believe it or not, this autumn wreath with felt flowers can be made for less than $10!

10 Classy Fall Crafts - Wreath with Felt Flowers

Find directions here.

9. Pine Cone Garland

Pinecones are a great transitional decoration. Their brown color is perfect for autumn, but they can also work for the December holiday season. This pine cone garland can stay up through winter!

10 Classy Fall Crafts - Pine Cone Garland

Full instructions here.

10. Cinnamon Stick Candles

Buy some inexpensive bulk cinnamon sticks to keep this project affordable. And to get more mileage out of your cinnamon stick candle once fall is over, just switch out the acorns for holly sprigs or other December-y decor.

10 Classy Fall Crafts - Cinnamon Stick Candles

Find full instructions here.

Hopefully you're feeling inspired to bring some classy autumn beauty into your home with these fall crafts. Give one or two of them a try this season!

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Ten Classy Fall Crafts

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