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11.24.2018 | Updated on 11.20.2018 | 2 Minute Read | By Gabrielle Sorto

Now that Thanksgiving is officially over, it’s time to get your apartment ready for the holiday season. Just because you don’t have a huge yard for a big display doesn’t mean you don’t get to have fun decor in your apartment.

With a small space, it can be hard to decorate the way you want. But a balcony is the perfect way to spruce up your place and get you in the holiday spirit.

First, assess the space you have to work with. Not all balconies are created equal. Some are very small and others large. The way you decorate will depend on how much space you have.

You should also check to see if you have an outlet on your balcony. If you don’t, you’ll probably need to run an extension cord through the door or window. Many of the best decorations for a balcony require electricity.

1. Lights

balcony christmas lights

The obvious must-have decoration is string lights. These are one of the easiest pieces of decor for your balcony. String lights will brighten up your outdoor space and get it looking festive for the holidays.

You can string them along the railing, around a door or window or hang them from the top of the balcony. The possibilities are endless with string lights.

2. Garland

garland on balcony

Real or faux garland is the perfect thing to add to your lights. Combine the two for a bright look. Drape the garland in U-shapes along the outside of the balcony railing. To secure it, use something sturdy that’s also weather-proof.

3. Wreaths

wreath on balcony

The out railing of your balcony is also the perfect place to hang a wreath – or three! It will make your balcony stand out and look festive from both the outside and the inside. Use faux or real wreaths and add some bows for good measure and extra decor.

4. Hanging ornaments

hanging ornaments on balcony

A ceiling on your balcony is a great place to hang ornaments. Using a clear thread, secure them from the ceiling using hooks or nails. This will give the illusion they’re floating.

5. Flowers

christmas flowers on balcony

Poinsettias are a holiday season staple and will look amazing and festive in your outdoor space. Plant one in a hanging basket to save room on the ground! Not only will it bring life to your balcony, but the pop of red can double as decor.

6. A tree

christmas tree on balcony

A small apartment can make it difficult to fit a tree, but if your balcony allows, this can be the perfect place to put one. For an outdoor tree, you’ll probably want to get an artificial one.

If you’re someone who absolutely needs a real tree, you could also get a small live Christmas tree – just make sure your property allows it. Look for rosemary grown in the shape of a tree, so you could actually keep this growing on your balcony far after the holiday season is over. Add lights and ornaments to complete the look!

With these ideas, you’ll have the most festive balcony in your apartment complex!

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