Finding an Apartment Near Public Transportation

An apartment search becomes more complicated when you have to rely on public transportation. Your new place needs to be within walking distance of a station or stop so you can get to work or the grocery store without calling for a friend or a cab. Unfortunately, apartments aren't always available next door to the nearest train, and if they are, the rent could be high. With a little searching and some compromise, you can find a place that meets your transit needs. Here are a few tips:

Know Your Limits

Figure out how far you're willing to walk to the train or bus station every day. This will give you a radius in which to find your apartment. Have a compromise distance in mind as well in case you don't find an available unit in your ideal range.

You should also have a set rent budget planned. You may want the place next to the station, but it could be out of your price range. The closer you are to public transportation, the higher your monthly bills might be. However, a further walk (still close to the train) may be more affordable.

[Learn how to create your rent budget.]

Determine Your Options

The first step is determining which public transportation options are available in your city–which is especially important if you’re moving to a new area. Some cities have more options than others, and some neighborhoods within a city are better than others. If you’re deciding between a few different neighborhoods, the transit options could help you narrow your search.

Search for Apartments

Now that you know your rental budget and the best neighborhoods for public transportation access, it’s time to start your apartment search. Enter your search criteria on Rent. to find apartments in your price range. When you find a listing that looks like it could be right for you, click on the property and scroll down to Maps & Neighborhood Info. The Transit tab will show you all of the public transportation nearby. You can also see other amenities like banks, restaurants and shopping.

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