5 Reasons First-Floor Apartments Rock

First floor apartments get a bad rap. There’s a perception that you’ll have no privacy, you’ll be treated to your upstairs neighbor doing her finest catwalk strut in high heels all night long, or that you’ll lack the security of an upper floor. However, there are great benefits to life on the ground floor that you may not have considered. First floor apartments rock! 

Move-In is a Snap

Is there anything worse than lugging boxes, furniture and other heavy items up a few flights of stairs and into your new apartment? Even if you follow Rent.com’s next-level packing tips, stairs can easily wear you out (as well as any volunteers you may have rounded up), making moving a total drag.

While you may be lucky enough to have an elevator in your building, some buildings won’t let you use it for moving. First floor apartment renters don’t have that problem — it’s straight from the truck and right into your apartment. Job done.

Stay Cool in Summer

Keeping cool in the summer is tough — not just for you, but also for your bank account. It’s a rule of science that warm air rises, which means apartments on the upper floors generally have to run their air more often. Ground floor apartments stay cooler, allowing you to save on your summer energy bill. Additionally, you may have greater accessibility to outside space, allowing you to enjoy the cooler summer evenings.

More Outside Space

Speaking of greater accessibility to outside space, first floor apartments generally get this as an added bonus. Think of your neighbors on the next floors up — they’re limited to whatever balcony space they have. Ground floor apartments, particularly in larger apartment communities, have a bit more room, allowing you to grow your own plants, host more people at a party, or even use some of the space as outside storage.

Added bonus: it’s easier for you to get your grill game on during the summer, as long as your apartment community allows it.

Better Rent Prices

It might sound surprising, but first floor apartments are often less expensive than the higher floors. Many people view the second floor and higher as offering more privacy or prestige. However, first floor apartments can offer greater access to amenities. Many property managers will make these apartments attractive, with privacy bushes, nice blinds and, in newer properties, security systems. It’s worth doing the price comparison when you’re searching for your next apartment.

First Floor is Great for Kids (and Fur Babies)

If you’re a busy parent or pet owner, you know that avoiding the stairs can be a real lifesaver. From lugging groceries and strollers up a few flights to your dog’s need to visit outside in the middle of the night, being able to just walk right in to your first floor apartment saves a lot of time and hassle. Additionally, life on the ground floor can be great for your neighbors if you have crazy kids that love a good run-around.

What floor are you living on in your apartment? Do you actively look for an upper floor, or would you consider a first floor apartment? Let us know below and on social!

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