Add beauty and interest to your outdoor living space by placing a few containers out on your patio or balcony. Container gardens are a great way for renters to enjoy the outdoors as well as have the ability to move their plants if needed. Check out these plants that do well in container gardening that are easy to upkeep:


If your apartment complex allows you to install planter hooks, consider placing a few hanging baskets of petunias to brighten your outdoor living area. Petunias are very popular and there are many different colors and varieties based on your preferences. Wave petunias will grow up and over the basket creating a gorgeous and dramatic affect. If you can’t install hooks, consider placing a taller container in a corner of your outdoor area which will allow petunias to cascade over the pot. The flowers will attract hummingbirds and butterflies as well as continue to bloom all summer long. You can speed up the blooming process by plucking off the dead blooms in order to make room for new ones.


If you are looking for beauty as well as sophistication, begonias are a fantastic option for a container garden plant. They are very hardy and come in wide variety of colors including white, pink, and orange. The meaty leaves are adorned with flowers that range from tightly wound blooms to delicate leafy ones.  They’re an annual that may do well outdoors all year long depending on your location and will produce a beautiful fragrance. Place a container of begonias in an area that receives partial shade and isn’t too wet like near the doorway of your outdoor space.


Coleus is a great option for a featured accent color of a container garden. Coleus comes in a variety of colors including variegated green, white, orange, pink and reds. This mostly leafy plant is hardy and easy to grow and requires little to no attention. Some coleus varieties include small blooms that attract bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds which will only elevate your outdoor container garden. Plant a few different types of coleus in the same container to add interest to your outdoor living space as well.


The variation between different types of succulents makes them an easy choice for container gardening. Succulents are those plants that store water in their leaves or stems and they are oftentimes an easy accent to other flashy container plants.

An easy choice for first time gardeners or residents of warmer climates such as northeast Florida where the sun shines an average of 222 days per year. They don’t require much watering and don’t need much attention. Succulents grow best in sunlight, although not always required, and can tolerate drought very well. They look best when paired with other succulents in the same container and can have a wide range of color options including green, white, yellow, purple, and greys.

Container gardens are an easy choice for those renters who have limited outdoor space. Placing just a few containers around your outdoor area can boost your mood as well as beautify your outdoor living space. Consider planting easy variations of plants including succulents and coleus that are easy to grow. Dramatic flowers like begonias and petunias will also do well in adding instant beauty and color to your home. Start with a few plant varieties and see what works well in your outdoor space for a gorgeous container garden.


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